Can You Master These 3 Awesome Smoke & Vape Tricks By 4/20?

Bring your smoking game to a new level with this quick video tutorial on how to master 3 of the most popular smoke tricks out there!

Apr 4, 2016

The vaping YouTuber PDX1K breaks down how to master the 3 most popular vape tricks. With a little time investment and practice, you could be impressing your buddies with some new found skills in no time.

Jaw and mouth control

vape tricks sweater Can You Master These 3 Awesome Smoke & Vape Tricks By 4/20?
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A lot of the tricks in the video will require a good control over your mouth and jaw muscles to get the desired effect from the vapor. The movements required are very specific and thus will need someone patience in order to master the tricks. Especially for blowing O’s, the air that escapes your throat will require a substantial amount of precision to get the right amount of pressure to create some awesome rings. All these small techniques are thoroughly described in the video, and you should be mastering the art of smoke tricks sooner than later!

Not just e-cigs!

vape tricks smoke Can You Master These 3 Awesome Smoke & Vape Tricks By 4/20?
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I understand the strong opinions that arise when vaping is mentioned in a marijuana-based community, but as a collective group we can transfer these awesome tricks to the green side! The types of smoke tricks described in the video do not, under any circumstance, limit you to purely nicotine based e-cigarettes. As long as the methods you consume cannabis will give you a medium-large size cloud after the toke, these tricks can be emulated with any kind of smoke.

Although the smoke won’t be quite as thick as the common vapor in e-cigs, the overall effect will still be awesome! I recommend trying these tricks on a glass piece with lots of percolation and ice water filtration, as the main cause of messing up your trick will likely be the irritation of the smoke in your lungs. And worst case scenario, you spend some time attempting a trick and it doesn’t work out too well, but then you realize how medicated you get just from 20 minutes of practice! Yes Iverson! Just practice.

Do you have a go-to smoke trick that always impresses?  Or will you try some of these tricks during your next session? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Apr 4, 2016