Candyland: A Powerful & Euphoric Sativa

Have a headache? Candyland will fix that problem in a jiffy. Pick up this cheerful and sociable strain for an afternoon with friends.

Nov 11, 2016

Candyland is a powerful yet mellow sativa from the Cookies family. Though this flower has Granddaddy Purple in its heritage, the effects are predominantly sativa. This means plenty of mental energy, creativity, and euphoric happiness. If you’re searching for an upbeat and friendly mood, Candyland is the perfect partner. Unfortunately, this plucky strain may be a little much for some new consumers. 

Strain details

Candyland A Friendly 1 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?
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Candyland is a playful cross between Granddaddy Purple (GDP) and Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Though this strain has some serious indica genetics, Candyland is about 75% sativa.

Looking at the parents alone, the strong sativa effects are a little surprising. GDP is a well-known sedative strain, while Platinum Cookies is a reputable and heavy-hitting hybrid.

With up to 24% THC, Candyland is very psychoactive. In fact, if you have access to dispensaries, this is usually one of the most potent strains on the shelf.

Experience with cannabis is recommended. Otherwise, you may find yourself feeling a little dizzy or anxious.

Candyland features a beautiful bouquet of colors. It has inherited deep purple hues from Granddaddy Purple, plus ample sprinkles of fiery orange and sage green.

As the name suggests, the aroma of this strain is nice and sweet. Hints of berry, honey, and vanilla add warmth, yet there is plenty of earth and pungency in there as well.

The Candyland experience

Candyland A Friendly 2 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?
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In small to moderate doses, Candyland is all sativa. You’re unlikely to notice many bodily effects at all unless you finish off a bud or muster through a whole bowl or two.

The mental effects are often starkly apparent during the first half of the experience. Candyland produces a very mellow yet uplifting and stimulating sort of high.

As the name might also suggest, Candyland is a spirited flower with a playful nature. Not only is this strain sweet and delicious, but it is known to inspire a sociable and engaged vibe.

It’s perfect to take along to a social gathering or simply enjoy with a few friends on a sunny afternoon.

Some indica effects may shine through with larger doses of Candyland. Though the high is primarily cerebral and head-focused, Candyland does inspire a relaxed feeling in the body.

In lower doses, this will be more slight. When you consume a lot of Candyland, you may find your thoughts spinning a bit with a stronger feeling of bodily sedation.

Why do people use Candyland?

Candyland A Friendly 3 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?
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Not only will Candyland make a board game party a little more interesting, but this friendly strain adds humor and fun to any social occasion.

Unlike other speedy sativas, Candyland is best saved for the afternoon. It does have energizing and uplifting effects, but it doesn’t provide quite the get-up-and-go that a pure sativa would.

Medical consumers often pick up this strain for fatigue and depression. Those with ADD/ADHD also report positive, focused effects from Candyland.

However, this strain’s true power may lie in its ability to seriously knock out headaches and migraines. The high THC content may be beneficial for those suffering from neuropathic pain.

Nov 11, 2016