Is Having A Cannabis Allergy The Worst Thing In The World?

The saddest allergy on the planet: cannabis hyperemesis, or cannabis allergy. It happens, and like other food or pollen allergies, it can be severe.

While, as cannabis lovers we know that the plant has dozens of therapeutic uses and zero possibility of overdose, there is a concern that people, especially those new to its use, need to keep in mind. Like any plant, people can, and are, allergic to it. Check out the video to see one such terrible tale of suffering from a cannabis allergy.

The saddest allergy in the world

Yes, not only can people suffer from a cannabis allergy, as with other common allergies, regular exposure to the plant over time can cause the allergy to develop in people who have enjoyed it for years. Take Conor Purdon for example. At 25, he has used cannabis for almost a decade with nothing but positive and pleasant effects. Then one day he tried a dab.

I actually took a hit of what we call concentrate. So it’s high-concentrated THC. I hit one of those, and I’m not sure if I rubbed something in my eye, or what happened, but I had a heavy kind of allergy reaction to my face. – Purdon

It turned out he had experienced an allergic reaction. Dr. Gordon Sussman, an allergy specialist in Toronto, says with the growing acceptance of cannabis in the mainstream, more cases of people with the allergy are coming to light.

Symptoms of having a cannabis allergy

The symptoms are generally due to inhaling marijuana or touching marijuana. So if you inhale the marijuana, you can have a running [nose] and sneezing and itchy watery eyes and coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. If you touch marijuana you can have hives and swelling. – Dr. Sussman

Like ragweed and other pollens, the flowers of the plant that many prize can be a bane for others. Because of the illegal nature of the plant over the years, many believe the reactions go underreported.

Not just cannabis users are affected

The other group of patients you might want to recognize are people who work in the industry, people who work with marijuana, because they can be sensitized and have allergies, because they work with it all the time. – Dr. Sussman

For some, taking an antihistamine or allergy medication may be enough to avoid negative reactions at work. For others, it might be worth considering another vocation.

It really happens

For Purdon, who not only medicates for medical reasons but owns several dispensaries in Toronto, while holding a master’s in ethnobotany, avoiding it is not an option.

As medical use becomes more prevalent, Sussman is working on a simple skin or blood test to help people catch this allergic sensitivity before complications occur. As this really can be a serious side effect of even second-hand exposure, it puts the responsibility on the cannabis community to be sensitive to the potential of this occurring.

Do you know someone who suffers from a cannabis allergy? Is it severe? Share their plight on social media or in the comments below.