Cannabis & Couture Collide In Style With Upscale Accessories

Van der Pop offers innovative exquisiteness to the marijuana enthusiast looking for an extra dose of elegance and security with their daily cannabis routine.

Mar 22, 2016

A new designer has begun making high-end handbags and accessories with a creative, cannabis twist. April Pride, owner of Seattle-based company Van der Pop, not only crafts bags out of luxurious leathers, but they also come fully equipped with the unique ability to secure your herb; keeping it safely tucked away, inaccessible to children or prying eyes.

Started in January 2016, Van der Pop offers customers, looking for a classier, more sophisticated way to store their weed, the ability to break free from carrying their ganja in an unsecured plastic bag or bulky glass jar. The exquisite handbags come with lock-safe protection and the capability of storing bud and edibles safely and securely. The full line of accessories includes sleek grinder-like products and discreet storage containers, all radiating with elegance.

Hide your stash with class

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After graduating from The Parsons School of Design, April Pride knew she wanted to find a way combine her love for high-fashion with her enjoyment of cannabis. Following the sale of her first company, she launched of her own, unique, self-titled clothing line, but that wasn’t enough. Pride then set out to design the first line of “luxurious and secure” handbags and accessories for the upscale marijuana connoisseur, giving birth to Van der Pop.

The Happy Sack is one of Van der Pop’s best-selling items. Silky-smooth, black leather on the outside, with a creamy, white leather interior gives this bag a timeless look. The Italian-made sack houses a proprietary lock, which secures the contents of the bags and can only be opened by a programmable three-digit code or by using a key; for times when the unique code is forgotten. Available in two sizes, with prices ranging from $395 – $495, this bag offers security, discreetness and peace of mind for busy consumers.

Swank dank accessories

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MIRON Violet Glass is used to create the enticing line of cannabis holders, cleverly named “Contained”. This special glass is designed to maintain freshness and potency much longer than the standard Mason jar or plastic sandwich bag. MIRON glass filters out all visible light, which speeds the process of decay, but still allows for violet wavelengths to penetrate. These violet wavelengths slow the growth of bacteria and mold, resulting in a longer cannabis lifespan.

Each jar is also given a title: Sex, Trip, Forget, Focus, Clean, Laugh, Party, Relax, and Sleep. Customers can keep their herbs separated based on which strain best compliments each event. The jars come in two different sizes, the smaller is $35 and the larger is $45, and packages containing multiple jars are also available.

The accessories line includes a sleek grinder, The Greater, that resembles a credit card. Users grate buds across the porous area, resulting in finely ground ganja ready for inhaling. Luckily, Van der Pop also carries exquisite rolling papers made of unbleached hemp pulp.

The next time you’re looking for a way enhance a mundane marijuana routine, consider treating yourself to something special from Van der Pop.

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Mar 22, 2016