How Cannabis Will Help You Cope With Flight Anxiety

We all know taking cannabis onto a plane is a big no-no. So what can those of us who suffer from in-flight anxiety do to relieve the stress?

Jun 15, 2016

Flying causes many of us anxiety and stress that we could normally medicate away with the help of cannabis. Sure, it’s a great idea to enjoy a little cannabis before a flight but don’t take it to the airport. With interstate laws being what they are, it’s illegal to fly with cannabis in cargo, and getting caught trying to sneak any onto a plane is going to land the offender in some pretty big trouble, depending on the state. By the time anxiety-ridden passengers finally reach their gate, there’s a good chance their buzz has worn off. So what can be done to help fight in-flight anxiety when cannabis is out the question?

Calm, cool and collected

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Those of us who have ever experienced a bumpy flight will know how truly terrifying those turbulent moments can be. Our first thought might be to run to the tiny compartment bathroom and take a few puffs of cannabis, but don’t. With hefty fines and possible jail time, the calming buzz won’t be enough to sedate an antsy passenger for long. (Plus it’s totally illegal and you definitely shouldn’t do it.)

Breathing techniques are often used to help alleviate unexpected panic. Patrons take deep breaths in, and exhale fully, causing their nervous system to reset. While this is a great natural technique, it doesn’t always work, especially for those of us with severe anxiety.

The last option and the most commonly followed is taking some type of prescription medication to block out the entire flight. If in-flight anxiety sufferers are lucky enough to have something like Xanax, chances are they know taking it will only cause them fall asleep; not always an option. More than likely, this prescription relief is nowhere to be found, leaving the flight-fearful to fend for themselves.

Relief and relax

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When other options are unavailable, 1Hour Break is there to relieve even the most intense feelings of anxiety, with an all-natural, easy to use, herbal spray. The main ingredient in this fear-fighting mist is Kava Root, a proven safe and effect solution for reducing anxiety.

While in flight, travelers simply spritz 5-15 pumps under their tongue, count to ten and swallow. In seconds, a wave of calmness and relaxation washes over the panic-stricken patients, leaving them mellow and unbothered. Unlike prescription pills, which can have long-lasting effects, 1Hour Break lasts for just 60 minutes; the perfect time span for a plane to take-off and patrons to become acclimated with the atmosphere. If the calmness wears off early than anticipated, simply repeat the dosing process, without any fear of over-medicating.

1Hour Break offers a revolutionary solution to in-flight anxiety, with no prescription necessary. When cannabis can’t be consumed, it’s a relief just knowing there is something strong enough available to help reduce anxiety, even during those turbulent moments.

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Jun 15, 2016