Our Cannabis-Infused No-Bake Fudge Will Blow Your Mind

Today is National Fudge day. You’ll agree that our no-bake fudge recipe is the best once you sink your teeth into one of these squares of deliciousness.

Jun 16, 2016

There are few words that can inspire salivation with just the mere mention of them; few words that can encompass family traditions, holiday delights, and everyday indulgence in one syllable. Fudge is one such word. Get ready to make that wide-eyed face of bliss as you wrap your lips around this delectable treat, because June 16th, National Fudge Day is upon us! Check out our cannabis-infused no-bake fudge recipe below.

The power of fudge

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With summer well in swing, chocolate is a weak cousin, bars melting in the heat. Fudge is the one true test of the season, no need to refrigerate, and no need to protect it… Except from the greedy hands of your friends.

Let your inner Emeril explode with joy and have a baking-fest you, and everyone who you deign worthy of sharing in the fruits of your labor will enjoy.

You can take fudge in directions few treats can fathom! It lends itself to experimentation in flavors in ways that have turned small kitchens into baking empires. With such creative flavor possibilities and the ease of making it, there is no better treat to try making when cannabis creativity takes hold.

With so many flavors, fudge is a lot like cannabis. Endless variety and pleasure packed into a wonderful package. And with that versatile treat before you, and your mind rolling through all the possible ways to make it wonderful, why not try cannabis? Cannabis infused fudge treats are one of the easiest edibles to make.

Take your creative possibilities and multiply them exponentially when you include all the varieties of cannabis you could add to your batch! Don’t even bother with the math… It might give you a headache. I know. I tried.

Hmm, about 250 varieties of fudge times about 2,500 strains of cannabis, plus mixes of 2 strains together… 1,562,500,000 possibilities. Okay, I might have to get a bigger countertop in the kitchen.

Cannabis-infused no-bake fudge

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If that inspires you to greatness, wonderful. But if that seems a little overwhelming, why not start off with just one recipe, and see how quickly you fall in love with both fudge and cannabis when you sink your teeth into one of these squares that is anything but square!

Here is a link to our easy, no-bake infused fudge that will knock your socks off, and make you want to put your apron on.

What is your favorite flavor of fudge? What is your favorite delicious strain of cannabis? Which flavors would you combine to make our no-bake fudge? Share your creativity with us on social media or in the comments below.

Jun 16, 2016