The Cannabis Manifesto – A Must Read Book About Cannabis

Steve DeAngelo’s new book, The Cannabis Manifesto was launched just a couple of months ago. The Author says the book amounts to “the Declaration of Independence for Cannabis”.

Nov 26, 2015

Steve DeAngelo’s new book, The Cannabis Manifesto was launched just a couple of months ago this year. Sara Davidson, author of Loose Change, says that the book effectively amounts to “the Declaration of Independence for Cannabis”.

The Cannabis Manifesto is a book about the liberation of the controversial, yet healing plant that is marijuana. Coming from a life of activism, Steve DeAngelo, the 420 kid, goes so far as to say in this book that all marijuana use is medicinal.

About The Cannabis Manifesto
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First things first, this book is a compelling argument for marijuana legalization and for how powerful of a catalyst for wellness this plant is. DeAngelo calls for a complete re-education in this book about the human relationship with this magical plant, marijuana.

In the Cannabis Manifesto, Steve DeAngelo goes into a detailed discussion about marijuana and the law, as well as marijuana and science. He goes a great length to describe the biological, emotional, mental and spiritual effects that this plant has on the human being.

DeAngelo makes a historical time line of the who’s who of cannabis activism and reform over the last forty years. He writes about how prohibition of marijuana has effected some of our most basic rights, from the family home all the way to the courtroom.

Ethan Nadelmann says about Steve DeAngelo and the Cannabis Manifesto, “Steve DeAngelo says what needs to be said in this bold and thoughtful manifesto. He’s a role model for budding cannabis entrepreneurs who understand the unique relationship of this nascent industry to the broader struggle for freedom and justice in America”.

A bit about Steve DeAngelo
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Steve DeAngelo is the token 420 kid. The man was born at 4:20 pm on 12 June 1958, and he says that in some way, his “mother knew, deep within the fiber of her physical being, that speaking the truth about cannabis would become [his] life’s mission.”

DeAngelo’s activism career started early, with him dropping out of school at sixteen years old to join the Yippie movement. After some years of activism work and working in the music industry, he went back to finish his studies. In 1986 he opened up the Nuthouse in D.C., a communal living effort made for all the cannabis enthusiasts and activists of the time.

Steve then founded a company called Ecolution, which manufactured hemp clothing and accessories. This company was inspired by the help Steve gave to his friend, Jack Herer in publishing his book, The Emperor Has No Clothes. This book was about the industrial conspiracy to make both hemp and marijuana illegal, despite its agricultural benefits.

When California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, Steve made the move to California. Naturally, he spent his entire time there immersed in the cannabis community and activism for cannabis reform. In October of 2006, DeAngelo opened his clinic in Oakland, the Harborside Health Center.As a part of this center, he also launched California’s premier medical marijuana laboratory.

Since then, his health center looks after about 12,000 patients, and is in fact the second largest tax payer in Oakland. Steve DeAngelo hopes to expand this center over California, and possibly larger over the USA.

A cannabis activist man-crush
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Steve DeAngelo is one of the biggest marijuana enthusiasts and activists of our time. He’s been working basically from the minute he was born to liberate the human attitude towards cannabis. And he has truly been living a life of activism.

His work is inspiring because it speaks out for the true voice for marijuana, especially in his book the Cannabis Manifesto. There are too many cannabis books out there to count, but the reason this one is so good is because it is as if he speaks with the voice of cannabis itself.

It truly is a manifesto of all the reasons we need to truly reconnect with this plant as a society. Happy reading!

Nov 26, 2015