If you want to save your skin, CBD cream will stop your breakouts

CBD can help to stop unexpected problems like breakouts, skin-based allergic reactions, psoriasis, eczema, and even skin cancers.

Nov 24, 2017
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Grocery stores have been raided. The DEA has created a new category of “drug.” The FDA has been forced to release a public statement and warnings—all because of non-psychoactive cannabidiol. But recently the furor has eased, and as that draconian attitude towards CBD becomes a thing of the past. In this post-storm calm, beauty brands have been jumping onboard with the wave of CBD-only products, from pet cures to flowers, which have been hitting dispensaries for years.

Topical and orally ingested CBD has been around in the form of hemp oil since as far back as 2000 BCE England, from where it spread across Europe, China, and India. Since then it’s been known not only as an essential health supplement but also as a powerful medicine for pain and inflammation. It’s recently been discovered how CBD works, which involves a system of inhibitive neurons and receptors in the brain that relaxes the body’s overactive signals.

Beauty companies are now recognizing CBD’s beneficial effects on skin quality and are putting R&D behind CBD cream.

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As the research of marijuana has become more extensive studies have emerged that explore the effects of cannabidiol on skin-based allergic reactions, psoriasis, eczema, and even skin cancers. In addition to these exciting healing possibilities, as a known antioxidant CBD cream can also help to stop unexpected problems like breakouts. The hemp from which CBD is extracted from is notably a source of gamma-linolenic acid, a vital omega fatty acid that aids in skin growth.

CBD for Life, which has been featured in Elle, carries a full line of “healing” CBD creams and lotions, competitively priced considering these topical applications can cost up to $60 at dispensaries. Such companies also seem mindful of the fact that pain-based CBD products don’t always live up to beauty standards of ingredients and formulas for things like face cream (something for your sore back or legs won’t necessarily be light enough to keep your facial pores unclogged). CBD for Life stretches the imagination regarding how CBD can be integrated into every step of a beauty regimen, from eye serum to shampoo. Even the olfactory element of getting ready has been invaded by CBD, with companies like Palomine Botanicals and Fleet and Flower selling roll-on scented CBD sticks that also offer topical benefits.

fleetandflowerFloristForest The US Military is waving cannabis use and letting medical marijuana patients serve
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Big brands are also starting to catch on: Malin + Goetz sells a cannabis candle, and there’s a full line of hemp beauty products available at the Body Shop. CBD, it seems, is finally seeing its day.

THC starts to get its due in the beauty sphere

CBD cream isn’t the only cannabinoid gaining traction. A small number of legal-states-only beauty brands are also incorporating the muscle-relaxing and anti-spasmodic cannabinoid THC into their products. Whoopi & Maya, known for their menstrual relief rub, sell products in California and Colorado including a very low-THC Epsom salt bath soak. Dixie sells a similar bath soak that’s markedly higher in THC, available in 500 mg/bottle versus Whoopi & Maya’s 25 mg. The company even warns that, unlike Whoopi & Maya products, women might feel psychoactive effects from the bath.

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THC products are popping up in places where it isn’t legal, too. A chic small company in New York run by an anonymous woman, GOOD WITCH, has an underground distribution of its THC lip balms in Brooklyn and Manhattan—popular among the fashion set.

Naturally, including a significant amount of THC in beauty products makes the market significantly smaller than it is for legal CBD. But as the legitimate market demand grows it’s entirely possible that the THC products will overtake the CBD ones, and as we learn more about the health benefit of the whole plant other cannabinoids might start to come into play as well–so pucker up.

Nov 24, 2017