Chemdawg 4: The Powerful And Potent Strain With Legendary Lineage

Chemdawg 4 is standout in the Chemdawg family. The piney fresh aroma and powerful body-dominant high will leave you in a euphoric bliss.

Feb 3, 2017

Chemdawg 4 is the reigning champion in a legendary cannabis family. Chemdawg 4 is an offshoot of the original Chemdawg line, one that provides genetics to many famous hybrids. There is certainly ample reason to love this strain. Potent and strong, Chemdawg remains one of the most potent strains available today.

Strain details

Chemdawg 4 The 1 Gelato: This Super Sweet Hybrid Is Potent, Popular And Perfectly Balanced
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Chemdawg 4 has its roots in the West Coast Grateful Dead scene of the 70s and 80s. Legend has it, the illustrious breeder Chemdog picked up some top-notch bud at a concert.

He loved it so much that he managed to snag some more from the grower after returning home. Lucky for him, his second batch happened to contain some seeds.

From these seeds stemmed the legendary Chemdawg line. Chemdawg 4 is the most impressive phenotype of the Chemdawg line. The genetics of Chemdawg 4 are mysterious, but this strain is thought to be a slightly indica-dominant hybrid with a hefty crystal coat.

Other Chemdawg phenotypes lean more to the sativa side, so Chemdawg 4 stands apart with its calm yet powerful body effects.

The THC in this bud isn’t lacking either. On average, it produces between 17 and 27% THC. Though Chemdawg has been around for a while, this strain is still one of the most potent on dispensary and coffee shop shelves.

Chemdawg is thought to be the strain that parented OG Kush, Headband, and Sour Diesel, making up a family of ultra-successful hybrids.

The Chemdawg 4 experience

Chemdawg 4 The 2 Gelato: This Super Sweet Hybrid Is Potent, Popular And Perfectly Balanced
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Other than the soaring THC levels, this strain’s most distinguishing characteristic is its scent. Chemdawg is the strain that provides the chemical, fuel-like scent to many modern hybrids.

As the best-producing phenotype, Chemdawg 4 produces an earthy, pepper aroma with ample pungent acidity. Pine and lemon aromas perhaps contribute to the pleasant chemical-quality of this bud.

This strain also provides an equally impressive long-lasting high. Expect the effects to kick in within 15 minutes, often starting with a mental, creative high. However, these cerebral effects come with a powerful body experience.

While Chemdawg 4 is not a pure indica by any means, this strain can produce a deep and relaxing body high.

Some consumers may find themselves stuck on the sofa after a few tastes of this strain. The Chemdawg 4 experience may be more sedative for those new to cannabis. Those familiar with high-THC herb, however, are likely to find a euphoric, uplifted, and contented high from this strain.

Why do people use Chemdawg 4?

Chemdawg 4 The 3 Gelato: This Super Sweet Hybrid Is Potent, Popular And Perfectly Balanced
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Recreationally, Chemdawg 4 is one of those strains that can be used for just about anything. While this strain is not the best for intense focus or physical activity, this strain is excellent for bringing along to a mellow social gathering or mellowing out in front of a movie. The sedative qualities of Chemdawg 4 make this strain best for the late afternoon or evening.

Chemdawg 4 is an excellent and versatile medical cannabis strain. Many patients find the high THC content and muscle-relaxing properties of this strain helpful for muscle spasms, pain, and inflammation. Chemdawg is one of the most powerful strains around, yet this bud allows for more cognitive presence than other foggy indica strains.

This strain has a reputation for causing the munchies, making it a good choice for anyone in need of an appetite boost. The creative and uplifting effects of this bud may also be helpful for those with mood disorders like depression.

Though, those sensitive to THC may want to think twice before picking up Chemdawg 4. The potency of this strain can cause anxiety in some people.

Feb 3, 2017