Who comes out on top in chillum pipes vs. steamroller pipes?

Chillums and steamrollers keep your smoke sessions simple either way. But when it comes to which is better, that depends on how much you like to smoke.

May 6, 2018

You aren’t limited to how you can smoke your herb these days, that’s for sure. From dabbing cannabis concentrates to puffing on a Moon Rocks blunt, some people can’t just burn one anymore, they have to go all out. Amidst all these fancy-schmancy methods to getting stoned, there are still ways to keep your one-on-one time with Mary Jane convenient and straightforward, like smoking a pipe. No disrespect to anyone that prefers to go hard or go home when it comes to how they medicate, but a pipe is where it’s at, especially when you’re one to bounce from place to place or are new to the green scene. But of all the pipes in weed land, you get far more opportune moments to catch a buzz with chillums and steamroller pipes than any other type of bowl.

Steamroller pipes and chillum pipes come in an array of styles, shapes, colors, and textures. But regardless of which one you choose, both are inexpensive and deliver a phenomenal smoke experience on-the-move and from the comfort of your sofa. Although they share similarities, a steamroller is not to be confused with a chillum, or vice-versa. While each is perfect for sneaking into a concert or grabbing a quick hit on your lunch break, smokers will find that one is better than the other based on a variety of factors. Let’s explore what sets chillum pipes apart from steamroller pipes, shall we?

Chillum pipes, aka “one-hitters,” are as stress-free as smoking a joint

When it comes to simplicity, chillum pipes, aka one-hitters or bats, are as straightforward as it gets, from their design to how you use them. Because a chillum has no carb hole or bowl, and only consists of a straight, often slim tube with an open end and mouthpiece, smoking a chillum takes little to no time or effort. All it takes to get that one perfect, gentle, yet ever so tasty hit is packing the free end of the device with herb, sparking it, and inhaling from the opposite end. And to re-pack, a chillum, just blow on the mouthpiece and insert more herb. It’s that elementary.

If you’re a first-time smoker or don’t have the time to dedicate to an extensive, lengthy session, that makes chillums especially ideal. Portability aside, chillum pipes are discreet. Because they are as quick and convenient as lighting a cigarette, you can take your smoke sesh anywhere without drawing too much attention. Plus, chillums are, more often than not, small. If ever you need to hide a chillum in a hurry, then you can always find a place to keep it concealed, like in your pants pocket or perhaps even behind your ear, depending on the pipe.

Steamroller pipes look sweet and innocent but pack a mean punch

Like chillum pipes, steamroller pipes feature a simple composition; only they come with a bowl on top in addition to a free end and mouthpiece. Using a steamroller is also just as easy as using a chillum. The entire process, from start to finish, includes packing the bowl with your flower of choice, covering the open end with your hand like you would a carb, adding flame to the stash, releasing your hand when the chamber is nice and full of smoke, and taking a hit. That’s all there is to it.

Whether they’re as short as 3 inches or as long as 18 inches, steamroller pipes should never be underestimated. A steamroller pipe is designed to produce and deliver enormous amounts of smoke all at once. Way too much for virgin lungs to handle. But for everyday cannabis connoisseurs, steamrollers offer an effortless way to get silly high.

Chillum pipes vs. steamroller pipes: Which is right for you?

Depending on the situation, steamroller pipes can be better options than chillums. For example, smoking with friends. Steamroller pipes come with a bowl, allowing consumers to enjoy more than just one hit of their favorite flower, while chillums only deliver one puff at a time. If you and your stoner buddies don’t feel like passing a colossal bong around the smoke circle, a steamroller will take some of the weight away from puff, puff, passing. And it will get you all just as baked.

On the other hand, because chillum pipes only let you smoke but so much herb per session, you don’t wind up using as much of your stash as you would with a steamroller pipe. And although you only get one puff at a time, each hit you get is tasty and generous. Whether you need a quick drag for inspiration or prefer your herb in small doses, chillum pipes don’t occupy too many minutes. Not to mention, they are as quick and easy to dump and reload as they are to smoke.

Again, both chillum pipes and steamroller pipes are affordable for everyone. So if you’re not into high prices or elaborate devices, then steamrollers and chillums are fantastic options in a world full of crazy and expensive bongs and dab rigs. Regardless of whether you choose a steamroller or a chillum, or even both, each will make your smoke sessions simple, but significant.




May 6, 2018