5 Classic Strains To Try This Week


This week’s strains are some oldies but goodies. Here are five classic strains to try this week.

Anna Wilcox
Apr 12, 2017
Classic Strains

Have you seen HERB’s Strain Database? It’s like an online encyclopedia for cannabis strains. You can quickly information on strain lineage, potency, and overall effects. All of the growers out there can peruse grow tips and basic plant information to help you get a better crop. This week’s strains are some oldies but goodies. Here are five classic strains to try this week.

1. Panama Red

New Strains Roundup 1 5 Classic Strains To Try This Week
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Panama Red is a classic sativa that provides a smooth and enjoyable energy. This strain is a landrace strain, meaning that it’s native to Panama and theoretically has not been hybridized to the extent of more contemporary buds.

Typically moderate in THC, this bud is great for those who are looking for a little uplift without getting too high. Expect around 16 percent of the psychoactive in this tropical, mind-altering flower.

2. Triangle Kush

New Strains Roundup 2 5 Classic Strains To Try This Week
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Triangle Kush is surprisingly uplifting for an indica flower. Though technically a hybrid, this mysterious strain was born and bred in the Sunshine State. Clones from this bud may be difficult to come by, but Triangle Kush is currently a great strain to use for breeding projects. It has already produced some excellent offspring, including Bubblegum Kush.

This strain is not new to the world, but it is certainly one that deserves a closer look. Featuring around 20 percent THC on average, this strain is considered quite potent. Though this bud is mostly happy and giggly, it can be quite drowsy in high doses.

3. Tahoe Alien

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Tahoe Alien is a more recent hybrid, not exactly a classic. But this strain has been out for a little while and has made a name for itself over the past couple of years. An extremely potent indica-dominant bud, Tahoe Alien can test with up to 29 percent THC.

This strain does provide some significant sedation, but it also has a cerebral quality that’s sure to inspire some dreamy, euphoric thinking.

4. Fucking Incredible

New Strains Roundup 4 5 Classic Strains To Try This Week
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Fucking Incredible was birthed back in the 1990s. Considered a 100 percent pure indica, expect some sleepiness from this bud. Unfortunately, Fucking Incredible can be a bit difficult to find. While it’s still going strong in the birthplace of grunge, the Pacific Northwest, cannaisseurs and growers alike may have to do some asking around to acquire this strain.

Considered moderately potent, this strain provides substantial feelings of body heaviness. You may find yourself sinking into the couch after high doses of this flower. This strain is excellent for the nighttime and typically produces between 15 and 20 percent THC on average.

5. Violator Kush

New Strains Roundup 5 5 Classic Strains To Try This Week
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Admittedly, the name does sound intense. Bred by the famous Barney’s Farm Seeds, Violator Kush is a heavy-producing indica hybrid. Often featuring between 18 and 23 percent THC, this bud fights right in with many of the contemporary hybrids out there these days.

This strain has been around for a little while, but it is still coveted for its dense trichome coverage and sociable effects. Though Violator Kush can cause some strong sedation, this strain would be great before sitting down to a holiday meal or a festive summer picnic. Silly but excellent conversation is sure to ensue.

Anna Wilcox
Apr 12, 2017