Combining Wine, Weed, and Wonderful Food in an Aspen Treehouse partnered with Native Roots Dispensary and Cultivating Spirits of Aspen, Colorado to host a five-course, cannabis-infused dinner and wine soirée. The event took place in a newly renovated retail space, in a treehouse in Aspen.

Feb 19, 2016

It was an evening that highlighted how the multitude of cannabis strains should be treated like wine. They should be regulated, celebrated, collected and displayed in homey cellars, described with reverence and creativity, and thoughtfully paired with foods like wine.

To the extreme good fortune of the many guests present, Chef Chris Lantern of Cache Cache collaborated with Chef Joey Galeano to create infused courses that were paired with various wines and specially selected cannabis strains. The herb samples were carefully chosen to complement the flavor profiles of both the foods in each course and the terpenes and tannins in the wine.

Saddle up the courses

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The dining room began to get a little foggy as the vapors rolled in. The first course was a fried Malpeque oyster topped with infused olive oil, ultra rich and creamy burrata cheese, and roasted red pepper and shallot marmalade. It was paired with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and a delicious strain known as Lemon Kush, famous for its blend of lemon and citrus high notes with earthy Kush undertones. The several varieties of this mellow hybrid tend to favor indica and peaceful relaxation.

Our entrée was perfectly braised 7X beef, paired with a Cabernet and infused with some Lavender Jones, a balanced hybrid of indica-dominant Purple Urkel and the scintillating sativa sweetness of Casey Jones.

For dessert the guests melted into a scrumptious crême brulée flavored with citrus and vanilla bean. It was lovingly topped with an infused raspberry reduction featuring a cannabis tincture made in a MagicalButter Botanical Extractor™. What a delicious treat to end the feast!

Grazing & star-gazing

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Each table was given the opportunity to win a MagicalButter machine in a raffle. Guests were also presented with VIP swag bags featuring a great assortment of useful cannabis-oriented gifts.

The evening ended with live music, dancing, and feeling wonderfully elevated from our infused feast. All the cannabis cooked in the meal was provided by Native Roots, one of the most popular and highly rated dispensaries in the state, with 14 locations.

The Aspen shop is run by friendly folk and provides visitors a wide variety of strains and concentrates to choose from. They also offer infused lotions, sodas, dermal patches, and much more. There was even a rooftop bar for us to gaze at the stars and enjoy our favorite herb in an inviting social setting. It was inspiring to see people exercising their innate right to liberty—the freedom as adults to relax and elevate their mood however they choose, whether by wine or cocktail, vape, bowl, or herb-infused gourmet fare.

If you’d like to try your hand at pairing the grape with grass, here’s an introductory guide to help you get started. Have fun!

For dozens of delicious recipes, how-to videos, and more information on the Botanical Extractor™, check out

Feb 19, 2016