Crystal Pipes Are Not Only Gorgeous, They’re Good For You Too

You are just one puff of herb away from becoming a better you.

May 20, 2018

Photo courtesy of Stoned Hippie Via Youtube

Dropping your favorite strain into a bowl and lighting it is enough to make any pipe magical, or so it seems. But in reality, that’s just the high talking. Once the buzz wears off, you’re back to the same state that led you to pick up your less-than-remarkable pipe in the first place. The truth is, not many smoking devices are built to be good for the soul, body, or mind. On the contrary, they’re made to hang on to your herb as you elevate your consciousness, and that’s about it. But imagine having a pipe that helped transform you into a better version of yourself. A device that could not only dimish the negativity within you but also promote focus and encourage you to explore all things new. With crystal pipes, the healing potential is endless.

Inside and out, this is the most gorgeous pipe you’ll ever smoke

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Alone, cannabis can do wonders. From relieving you of pain to helping you unwind after a long, stressful day, weed is a powerful healer not only physically, but also spiritually. But for double the therapy, a crystal pipe is what you need. A crystal pipe is so much more than the most gorgeous bowl you’ll ever smoke. It’s a life-saver.

Crystal pipes are one-of-a-kind devices. Aside from being uniquely handmade, meaning no pipe is ever the same, the crystal pipe looks nothing like any other bowl out there. However, crystal pipes do have one thing in common with traditional devices, and that’s portability. Each crystal is only 4″ long, making it beautifully convenient to toss into your handbag or even inside your pocket.

For fast relief on-the-go, the crystal pipe is everything. But that’s not even the half of what makes it so magical. Crystal pipes are available in a variety of different stones, including Tiger’s Eye, Yellow Citrine, and much more. Each contains their own hidden properties to tailor your smoking experience to who you are at your core. In other words, it’s your experience, and no one else gets to be a part of it. Not unless you’re kind enough to puff, puff, pass, anyway.

With crystal pipes, there are no lows, just highs

By merely glancing at a crystal pipe, you can’t help but think that it’s the most gorgeous bowl you’ll ever smoke. But the real beauty is in the smoke. From bringing harmony and balance to getting you lucky, crystal pipes are designed to be the perfect match for you based on your individual personality and lifestyle. Whether you’re hoping to score a second date or you need a boost of bravery to take on the unknown, anything can be accomplished by puffing on a crystal pipe.

In fact, each crystal pipe comes with a multitude of hidden powers, not just one apiece. For example, the Rose Crystal stimulates imagination, making it ideal for artists, writers, or anyone in need of a spark of creativity. There’s also Crystal Clear, known for balancing the chakras, accelerating your spiritual evolution, and strengthening your consciousness. Regardless of the stone, there’s something magical to come from each.

Crystal pipes cost anywhere from a little over 33 to slightly under 80 bucks, depending on the stone. While they aren’t the cheapest bowls in the world, they’ll surely save you money on sessions with your therapist. And since they’re small and travel-friendly, you can carry your crystal pipe anywhere you’d like for TLC on-the-go. Like W. B. Yeats once said, “The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” Nothing sharpens the senses like your favorite herb.

May 20, 2018