Dank Deals – Dispensaries Offer Black Friday Promotions

This year, you should be on the lookout for the black Friday promotions at some dispensaries around the country.

Nov 24, 2015
Black Friday Cannabis Deals

Black Friday deals become more aggressive each year. The deals often begin at crazy hours of the night and bring out the ravenous consumer who left the Thanksgiving table hungry—for the sweet, sweet, taste of discounted gadgets. This year, you should be on the lookout for the dank deals offered at some dispensaries around the country.

The Deals

As recreational marijuana sales take hold in America, dispensary owners are beginning to get involved in the annual Black Friday sales that drive shoppers to a frenzy. Different from department stores, laws dictate the hours that dispensaries can be open, so there won’t be any getting up early.

Grass Station

Denver dispensary Grass Station, one of Denver’s oldest and largest dispensaries, will hold a 3-day series of Black Friday sales. The sale begins on Friday November 27th at 8am and goes through Sunday. The first 16 customers on Black Friday will be able to buy $50 ounces, the first 10 customers can buy $5 grams, and the next 60 customers can purchase $1 pre-rolled joints.

In addition to the in-store deals, Grass Station will offer discounts on its non-marijuana products, through their website.

MMJ America

MMJ America is another popular Denver dispensary that is getting in on the Black Friday traffic. To entice shoppers, the dispensary is offering recreational customers $25 wax grams and $40 grams of shatter, while supplies last. If you are a medical patient, the deal is $20 wax and $25 shatter grams. The dispensary chain has a few locations, so if one sells out, you are not completely out of luck.

The Green Room

The Green Room is a Boulder, Colorado-based dispensary. They will offer Black Friday discounts on their 1/8th containers. Regularly priced for recreational purchase at $50, the deal offers a $10 discount while supplies last.

Have a Heart Café

The Have a Heart Café in Seattle, Washington will offer 25% off of their topicals, tinctures, edibles and capsules. They will also offer 4 oil cartridges for $100. The first 10 and last 10 customers will receive $1 Epic pre-rolled joints.

Cloners Market

This Seattle plant supply store focuses on marijuana plant clones and growing supplies. Their Black Friday sale offers 20% off storewide.

If you opt out of the traditional Black Friday madness, you should definitely try to check out one of these dispensary deals. You may want to have some good herb on hand when your family members come home from shopping frazzled.

Nov 24, 2015