Chong’s Choice and Défoncé Chocolatier: Your New Favorite Edibles

Cannabis pioneer Tommy Chong’s company is joining forces with leading artisanal chocolate maker, Défoncé Chocolatier, to craft bespoke chocolate bars.

Nov 30, 2016
Défoncé Chocolatier

Chong’s Choice is teaming up with Défoncé Chocolatier to create some delicious infused chocolate bars. Specifically, Chong’s Choice bars, which are about to be your new favorite cannabis-infused chocolates.

Chong’s Choice partners with Défoncé Chocolatier

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There’s a new edible coming to California, and it’s going to be the best one yet. Everyone’s favorite weed guy Tommy Chong and his Chong’s Choice brand is now partnering with Défoncé Chocolatier to create Chong’s Choice bars.

As a matter of fact, there’s not just one, but five flavors that will be gracing you with their presence in December. According to the legend Tommy Chong, they are heaven.

First, there’s Crunchy Munchies, which has a unique blend of potato chips, milk chocolate, and caramel. Then, you have Wake ‘N’ Bacon, a mix of dark chocolate with waffles, bacon, and maple syrup.

If you’re a cereal lover, there’s even Cereal Bowls, which includes white chocolate, cinnamon crunch cereal, and marshmallow cereal. For those who like to keep it simple, you can choose from Mellow Milk (milk chocolate) and Dark Daze (dark chocolate).

If Chong says it’s good, must good,

As a swiftly growing and ambitious cannabis company, we work hard to find premium partners – companies that share our passion for cannabis, for paying meticulous attention to detail and quality, and for building thriving businesses.

And in Défoncé, we know we have found a fantastic collaborator. These bars are like rectangles of munchies heaven. – Tommy Chong

Chong’s Choice and Défoncé: a match made in heaven

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Relax Agency, a Los Angeles creative agency that works with leading cannabis companies and connects them with celebrity clients, played an active role in forging the partnership.

According to Relax Agency partners Eli Graham and Ian Alexander, the partnership is going to take the cannabis industry to a whole other level,

This is how it is supposed to work – top brands joining to build great things together. This young industry is positively effervescent, and it is partnerships like this one that will shepherd the industry to even greater heights.

This is an exciting collaboration which will surely have outstanding results for our partners and we are looking forward to the public getting a chance to try these unique chocolate flavors.

Chong’s Choice is already a top-notch cannabis brand. The line of products, in particular, include flowers, pre-rolls, oil cartridges, THC breath strips. And now, the finest chocolate on the planet.

CEO of Défoncé and former iTunes Producer Eric Eslao says it’s an honor to be working with Tommy Chong,

We are honored to work with Tommy Chong, a cannabis pioneer who now is building one of the finest cannabis companies in the United States.
Chong’s Choice sets extremely high standards for its products, and we are eager to introduce the new line of bars to California’s booming edibles market.

Nov 30, 2016