This Is The Easiest Way To Find Dispensaries Near You

If you’re thinking, “I want to read some credible online reviews of dispensaries near me,” then you need to check out

Oct 21, 2016

If you’re thinking, “I want to read some credible online reviews of dispensaries near me,” then check out You’ll like their system and display network for a few reasons.   One, being the fact that most reviews online appear to be fake on some competitor’s sites, the reviews on are tied into their social network accounts, so each review had a picture, a face, a person behind it. 

Features, features, features!

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The more you use the platform at the more you’ll like it. It’s a step above other mapping sites and review platforms because it has cool features that no one else is doing on their map.

1. Your most comprehensive guide to the cannabis world

There is no other mapping site in the world doing such a comprehensive guide to the cannabis world. You’ll be able to see not only doctors and dispensaries which is par for the course, but also cannabis lawyers in your area, as well as head shops. This is a great feature for finding rolling papers, a bong, or just some new pipes.

2. Genuine reviews

Since they are tied to unique accounts on their social network or the Facebook of Weed, you can see the users, their other posts, their comments. The sources are real and not someone sitting at a desk doing fake reviews all day.

3. The map allows street view of dispensary

Some of the new Google mapping show the inside of each store as well.  You can see the inside a dispensary three states away from me and actually see the rows of bud in their display.

4. You can message the dispensary

If the dispensary is online they answer right away, if they are not, the question gets sent to them by email. This is a very cool feature if you are looking for a certain product or to ask about upcoming specials.

Join the global fanbase with

If you are looking for a place to hang out and ask questions, their social feed seems very active with a mix of young and old cannabis fans.  There were pictures being put up as well as questions being asked about cannabis oils being used for autism, ADHD, and PTSD.

Users are from all over the world and you can leave comments under posts from users in other countries, so you may be tempted to try some European weed up close.

If you are looking for real reviews and a very state of the art mapping system, then Cannabis.Net is the best on the market.

Search for dispensaries in Los Angeles or Denver, or you can search by zip codes too which is a nice feature.

Oct 21, 2016