Man makes DIY gravity bong with household items

7 DIY smoking devices you can make using everyday household items

With a little creativity and a few household items, nearly anything can become a smoking device.

Dec 5, 2017 - Brittney Sanger

Although you can always hit up your local smoke shop for pipes, bongs, and dab rigs, sometimes, it’s fun to get a little creative. DIY smoking devices save you money and are the ultimate cure for stoner boredom.

Of course, homemade smoking devices aren’t ideal for long-term use. But in cases of an emergency, like when your favorite piece slips out of your hands and shatters all over the ground, they can come quite in handy.

If you’re in the mood to get crafty, or just really need something to smoke out of and fast, you can create pretty much any smoking device you want right at home with just a few common household items. From dab rigs to vaporizers, here’s how to make DIY smoking devices using everyday household items:

The classic soda can pipe

How To Make Your Own Smoking Devices Using Everyday Household Items 3 of 8 5 reasons cops want to legalize recreational marijuana too
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Before you freak out, just know that smoking from aluminum isn’t all that bad for you. According to The Wesleyan Angus’ Ask a Professor column, “Perhaps you’re worried that the short-term memory loss, confusion, and paranoia are due to the aluminum? It’s not likely. Aluminum is a fairly reactive metal, and on exposure to the atmosphere, it quickly forms a surface layer of aluminum oxide, which protects the underlying metal from further reaction. Any aluminum that winds up in the smoke would be in the form of this oxide.”

Sure, you might look a little crazy smoking bud from a soda can. But again, it’s great for when you need an emergency pipe. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An empty soda can
  • A needle, pin, or any other sharp object
  • A Lighter
  • Bud

To begin, grab your can and use your thumb to make a small indention in the middle. Then, take your sharp object of choice and create a couple of holes in the center. Don’t go too overboard on the size of the holes, though, or else your bud will fall through. They should be just large enough to allow air to pass in and out.

Next, poke a hole on the side of the can for your carb. Once you’ve done that, remove the tab and use a lighter to add flame over the carb and the tiny holes to remove any potentially harmful material, or most of it anyway.

Finally, sprinkle your favorite herb over the tiny holes, position your finger over the carb, and fire away. That’s all there is to the soda can pipe.

The one-hitter pen

How To Make Your Own Smoking Devices Using Everyday Household Items 4 of 8 5 reasons cops want to legalize recreational marijuana too
Photo via pain news network

Who doesn’t love a one-hitter? Not only do they deliver just the right amount of herb, but they’re also small enough to slip in and out of your pocket.

Making your own one-hitter pen is a breeze and doesn’t require hardly any materials. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Any metal pen and its following parts: the tip, the barrel, and the pen grip
  • A lighter
  • Bud

To get started, take the pen grip and work it into one end of the barrel. Then, grab the tip and push it into the opposite end with the pointy part facing inward. Feel free to press down on a hard surface to really get it in there.

After putting everything together, you’ll notice that one side is more open than the other. That’s where your bud will go. As for your mouthpiece, you’re going to use the opposite end (where the pen tip is) to inhale. And that’s it, folks. There are no more steps. Just load it up and enjoy! Genius, huh?

The flashlight steamroller

How To Make Your Own Smoking Devices Using Everyday Household Items 1 of 1 5 reasons cops want to legalize recreational marijuana too
Photo via Master Bong

Props to Master Bong for this clever idea. Rather than keeping your flashlight in the drawer to collect dust, smoke some dank out of it instead of turning it into a steamroller! It’s easier than you think. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A flashlight
  • A decent-sized bowl
  • A knife or any other sharp object (a drill works even better)
  • A lighter
  • Bud

For starters, take your flashlight apart and remove the bulb, battery, etc. Then, find a flat surface on your flashlight, grab your sharp tool and carve a hole for your bowl piece.

Once you have the hole, blow out any excess plastic. Inhaling plastic can be dangerous, so you’ll want to make sure all the little pieces are removed before lighting up. Work your bowl piece into the hole when you’re finished.

Last, but certainly not least, pack your bowl, or throw in a roach clip to finish off, light it, and have fun smoking with your new flashlight steamroller.

The water bottle bong

How To Make Your Own Smoking Devices Using Everyday Household Items 1 of 8 5 reasons cops want to legalize recreational marijuana too
Photo via Stuff Stoners Like

There’s no doubt that you have an empty water bottle chilling somewhere in your home. But don’t even think about tossing it in the garbage. With a couple of easy steps, you can turn a piece of plastic into a bong to puff on when you’re in a bind. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An empty water bottle
  • A knife, paperclip, or any other sharp object
  • A pen tube, or anything you can use for a downstem
  • A thick rubber band
  • A lighter
  • Bud

First, cut a small hole close to the bottom of your water bottle using your sharp tool, just a little below the halfway point. That’s where you will put your downstem.

Once you insert your downstem of choice, make sure it’s airtight so that no smoke leaks out. If by chance it’s too big, use tape or gum to cover it up. A thick rubber band can also be used to help hold everything in place.

Next, plug your bowl into the downstem. If you don’t have a one, you could always use tinfoil as bowl piece, or just slide in a joint or blunt. After that, fill your water bottle up until at least one inch of the downstem is submerged.

Lastly, form a carb using your sharp object of choice roughly halfway down your water bottle. Then, pack your bowl, spark it, and inhale through the top. Voila, your water bottle bong is complete.

The 2-liter gravity bong

How To Make Your Own Smoking Devices Using Everyday Household Items 2 of 8 5 reasons cops want to legalize recreational marijuana too
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If you can handle vast amounts of smoke at once and want to get super-duper stoned, then you might as well build a gravity bong. It only takes like two minutes, if that. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • An empty 2-liter bottle
  • A larger empty container or bucket
  • Scissors
  • Tinfoil
  • A pin or any other sharp object
  • A lighter
  • Bud

To begin, grab your 2-liter and cut off the bottom. Then, take your larger container and cut off the top. If you have a bucket, then don’t even worry about that step. A bucket will work perfectly.

Once you’ve filled the bottom of your gravity bong with water, go ahead and get about a square of tinfoil and press it into the rim of the top of the 2-liter. With the cap off, of course. Then, take the pin or whatever sharp object you have and poke a few tiny holes in the foil.

Finally, drop in your bud, add your flame, and do your thing. You’re going to get some fat rips in with this homemade gravity bong, that’s for sure.

The double-apple dab rig

How To Make Your Own Smoking Devices Using Everyday Household Items 6 of 8 5 reasons cops want to legalize recreational marijuana too
Photo via Youtube

Okay, so not everyone has the items necessary to make your own dab rig lying around their house. But if you love to dab, then you should.

In case your beloved rig is ever out of commission, here’s what you’ll need to make a double-apple dab rig featured on CustomGrow420’s YouTube channel:

  • An apple
  • A banger
  • A sharp object suitable for coring
  • Dab torch
  • Dabs

Before getting into the steps, it’s crucial to note that if you want less-intense hits, this rig works best with low-temperature dabs. As for big dabs, well, expect lots of coughing. You’ll be pleasantly stoned nevertheless.

To get started, core the top of your apple in the middle using your sharp tool. Just be careful, because you don’t want to core all the way through the apple. About halfway through or slightly lower should be good. Then, do the same thing on the side of the apple for your mouthpiece, but only until the two paths meet. Test it before proceeding.

After that, all you need to do is slide your banger into the top hole, heat it up, and then dab! As if your dabs weren’t already tasty, now they’ll have a hint of apple flavoring. Delicious and nutritious!

The glass jar vaporizer

How To Make Your Own Smoking Devices Using Everyday Household Items 7 of 8 5 reasons cops want to legalize recreational marijuana too
Photo via wikihow

If you’re someone who enjoys vaping for health reasons, then you should know that this homemade vape (props to is only ideal for the short-term. However, it is easy to make and works like a charm. And it’s a lot safer than using a light bulb since a glass jar is less fragile. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 20 inches of pipe tubing
  • Wire clothes hanger
  • A glass jar with a tin lid
  • A small candle
  • A set of screws
  • Two nuts (for the pipe tube ya nasty)
  • A shot glass
  • A flat screwdriver
  • A block of wood (optional)
  • Bud

First, you’ll need to make the holder. To do this, grab your lid from your jar and create two holes using the screwdriver. One will be for the screw, and the other will be for the shot glass. Keep in mind not to make them too big (about half of the shot glass should be able to make it in). You can always go back in and adjust as needed.

Next comes the stand. To begin, take apart the hanger so that you’re left with a sturdy wire.  Then, grab one end and coil it around the jar lid, leaving roughly a 1/8th inch of space between the wire and top. Repeat once, remove the cover, and bend the wire until it’s horizontal and protruding from the circle.

“Measure about 3 to 3 ½ inches and this will serve as your stand’s leg. Bend the wire parallel to your circle and from here form another circle to serve as your stand’s base.”

Once the base is there, bend the wire on the other end of your first leg so that it’s facing towards your upper circle. Measure another 3 or 3 ½ inches, then connect the second leg of your stand to the top circle. If any wire is leftover, feel free to wrap it around your stand’s legs and lower base.

Now it’s time to assemble your masterpiece. Remove the nuts from the screw, insert the screw into the smaller hole, then replace both nuts on the ends, leaving 1/3 of the screw inside the cap and the rest outside of it. Then, grab your tube and connect it to the screw outside of the top.

Next, place your cap upside down to the upper circle. Your pipe should be at the bottom. Then, slide the shot glass into its designated hole.

To finish things off, load your shot glass with bud, replace the jar lid, and place your candle under the shot glass. At last, it’s time to vape! For extra balance, try setting your device on a block of wood.

Of course, having something like the Twister Pipe would eliminate the needs for these arts and crafts – but still, they’re kind of fun to make and try.

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