Double Dream: This Euphoric Hybrid Is Surprisingly Potent

Do you love Blue Dream? Double Dream is a close relative, with a delicious fruity aroma, balanced hybrid effects, and high a THC content.

Mar 6, 2017

Double Dream is a new and improved version of Blue Dream. While you may have loved the upbeat and balanced original, Double Dream adds a little more euphoria to an all-around great strain. Double Dream has a sweet and floral flavor and aroma, making to puff on along with a dessert. All in all, this hybrid is the perfect dreamy and euphoric strain for daytime pleasure and relief.

Strain details

Double Dream Chill 1 Heres What Happens When You Smoke A Pure Hash Joint
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Double Dream, also called Double Blue Dream, is an artisan hybrid cross between Blue Dream and Dream Star. Dream Star itself is a sativa-dominant cross between Blue Dream and Star Dawg, which gives Double Dream an easygoing and chill vibe that is perfect for daytime consumption.

The strong Blue Dream lineage also makes this strain fast-growing and high-yielding, making it a great choice for home growers and professional cultivators alike.

Not to mention, Double Dream has inherited much of the floral, blueberry-like aroma from Blue Dream as well, making this bud an extra tasty treat.

Like many modern hybrids, this strain can get quite potent. The THC in this strain averages around 20 percent, though it has been known to reach over 25 percent.

While the Double Dream high is pleasant and mild for many experienced cannabis consumers, this bud may cause some anxiousness or paranoia in newbies or those sensitive to the effects of THC.

The Double Dream experience

Double Dream Chill 2 Heres What Happens When You Smoke A Pure Hash Joint
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If you’re a fan of the original, Double Dream may truly be double the fun. This bud is happy, relaxed, cheerful, and promotes an all-around good mood.

This strain is great for everything from listening to some music to sharing with friends and family at a social gathering.

As a word of wisdom for this bud, many find that this strain has a slow onset. While it may not provide the fastest relief, this strain’s giggly and upbeat effects are certainly worth the wait.

This well-balanced strain works its magic from head to toe, providing consumers with a creative mental experience and a calm sense of ease throughout the body.

All in all, Double Dream provides a solid middle-of-the-road experience. It provides a silly, uplifting effect without impairing cognitive functionality or providing too much sedation or energy.

In higher doses, however, this strain can get a little bit hazy. It is called Double Dream, after all. You can expect a contented, dreamy feel from this succulent bud.

Why do people use Double Dream?

Double Dream Chill 3 Heres What Happens When You Smoke A Pure Hash Joint
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Double Dream is the perfect low-key hybrid for hanging out and having a nice time. Much like it’s more famous parent, this lady makes just about any situation just a little bit better. Put on some smooth jams and get ready for a chatty, jolly good time.

This strain would be excellent to take along with your favorite travel piece. A few puffs will likely make for a good companion on a hike or other non-competitive athletic activities. This strain is for getting in the zone and just enjoying the great wide world right in front of you.

Medical cannabis consumers pick up Double Dream for a variety of conditions, including the management of moderate to chronic pain. While this strain can certainly be useful for those with mild body aches, inflammation, and muscle strains, this herb is popular for its slightly narcotic-like effect. Though, this bud is far from sedating.

Mar 6, 2017