Dr. Who: The Perfectly Potent Indica For Fans Who Need To Focus

Dr. Who is the perfect hybrid for those who want an indica body high without the mental sedation. Focused and relaxed, it’s the ultimate afternoon delight.

Jan 22, 2017

Dr. Who is a smooth and tasty indica-dominant hybrid. This strain is great for indica fans who need to get some work done without being too sedated. Dr. Who has plenty of heavy-bodied and pain-fighting benefits while also producing a focused and enlightened head high. While this strain may be on the strong side, it is mellow, easygoing, and dreamy overall.

Strain details

Dr Who For 1 Raspberry Kush: One Of The Most Popular Indica Hybrids Around
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TGA Subcool Seeds has introduced many ultra popular and delicious strains to the market. Dr. Who is one of them. This potent indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Mad Scientist and Trainwreck, a combo that is quick to send you off into dreamy space.

A potent strain, Dr. Who can feature up to 23% THC. With such a high number, this strain is recommended for experienced consumers. Cannabis novices may find it just a little too sleepy or sedative, making it difficult to get off of the couch.

Dr. Who’s aroma is quite pleasant, with bursts of sweet citrus and some more humble earthy qualities. Great for growers in damp climates, the strain is said to have good resistance to mold and mildews.

This strain can produce four different phenotypes overall, including ones that express a beautiful purple coloration.

The Dr. Who experience

Dr Who For 2 Raspberry Kush: One Of The Most Popular Indica Hybrids Around
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Dr. Who is a sleepy indica hybrid with an intoxicating flavor and aroma. The spicy, sweet orange fragrance in this flower is the perfect compliment to a mind-bending, exotic high Dr. Who produces.

The mental experience of this strain can be quite focused, which is a huge plus if you’re planning to take on any complex science experiments.

While this strain is indica dominant, Dr. Who isn’t likely to leave you unmotivated or couch-locked. Rather, this strain provides a very relaxed high that can allow you to get things done with ease. Of course, the sedative effects of this strain become more pronounced in high doses.

A great choice for a calm afternoon and for mellow, easygoing activities. You’re not likely to go out and run a 5k after this strain, but it can certainly help you unwind after a long day.

Perfect before dinner time, this strain can increase appetite and may even inspire a friendly conversation or two.

Why do people use Dr. Who?

Dr Who For 3 Raspberry Kush: One Of The Most Popular Indica Hybrids Around
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Going to the movies, hitting up a chill happy hour, or spending time on a mellow project are three activities that would pair perfectly with Dr. Who. This flower is peaceful and easygoing, which makes it a good all-around strain to have when you’re looking for something calming.

However, the effects of this strain can still be a bit on the strong side, so it may be worthwhile to feel this one out before embarking on any major plans.

Medical cannabis patients turn to Dr. Who for relief from a variety of ailments. This strain’s high THC content and soothing body-heavy effects make this bud popular among those seeking relief from chronic pain. This strain is also quite popular among patients with painful muscle tension and spasms.

All in all, Dr. Who is a heavy but contented hybrid. Many turn to this strain to ease mental strife like chronic stress and depression. However, the herb’s pain-fighting and body-relaxing effects are what really shine through.

A worthwhile choice for indica fans who happen to stumble across this violet-speckled herb.

Jan 22, 2017