What Impact Will New Endocannabinoid Supplement Have On Cannabis Acceptance?

One company is marketing a new product line based on the science of the endocannabinoid system, so will it put cannabis in a long-deserved better light?

Apr 23, 2016

While much of the world debates whether it is a drug or a medicine, many have come to realize the simple truth, which is that it is a plant and a homeopathic remedy. The use of cannabis to effect positive results in the human body is a result of its incredible affinity with the human endocannabinoid system. One company is marketing a new product line based on the science of that system, and it may very well end up putting cannabis in a long-deserved better light in the process.


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The new line of products is designed to effect positive results through direct manipulation of the endocannabinoid system. It is not, however, made from cannabis, as its website specifically notes.

” We want to make a strong differentiation between our GnuEndo line of products and cannabis. Our products contain no cannabis, however, since cannabis so perfectly activates the EndoCB system, then some comparisons are necessary. Certainly related to effects generated by cannabis. So, with that background, consider the medical effects of cannabis. There are a pancea of medical effects, but in particular relate EXACTLY to the functions of the EndoCB system. Now consider what cannabis does; it nutritionally supplements the EndoCB. Here at GnuPharma, we are doing the same thing, just nutritionally supplementing the EndoCB.”

What they have done, in essence, is doggedly researched other plants that also have an effect on the endocannabinoid system, and used them to create these supplements. The idea that other plants could have similar, though far less effective effects should come as no surprise. The long-standing correlation between chocolate and bliss is due to the effect that cacao has on our endocannabinoid receptors. The product line includes GNUEndo: Loss, Pain, Boost, Elevate, and Sleep.

Humorous debut

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GNUPharma Co-founder and CEO Chip Paul states:

“After years of research, the GNUPharma team has created a supplemental formulation that provides nutrients to the body and appears to open the body’s existing pathways to the endocannabinoid system in a safe and natural way.”

Safe and natural, just like cannabis, except it is a blended mix of other less controversial (and less effective) plants. The real laughs begin when Paul tells where the product line debut will be held: the Southwest Cannabis Expo in Fort Worth, Texas.

“The Cannabis community will be the first to understand the tremendous promise of the GnuEndo line of products.”

GNUPharma might be familiar to some cannabis vaping enthusiasts, or at least its parent company, Palm Beach Vapors. That’s right. A vaporizer company is making an herbal supplement to piggyback the success of cannabis. How this will play out is anyone’s guess.

A double-edged sword

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All smirking aside, the product line shows extreme promise, as it is the first to actually use the human bodies endocannabinoid system to its advantage. Users with chronic pain have also reported nearly complete elimination of their symptoms within days of first use. There is little doubt that the GNUEndo line will quickly rise in the general field of supplements. What we should be paying very careful attention to, is the reception that this product receives with both the pro and anti-marijuana crowds.

  • If it is embraced as a viable treatment or supplement to aid in these conditions, it could in turn help pave the way for the acceptance of cannabis as a natural therapeutic substance in more conservative groups, by establishing the science and the method upon which it works.
  • If it is embraced too much by anti-legalization groups, they could cite it as a viable alternative to medical marijuana, and use it to delay or halt legalization activity.


  • If it is rejected by cannabis enthusiasts, it could diminish our validity if we get into an argument over why one plant is better than another (or a combination of others).
  • If it is too readily accepted by those on the fence about cannabis, supporters of the plant (and legalization) could lose thousands of potential supporters.


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This weekend, citizens of Texas, a heated battleground in the fight for legalization, will be the first to publicly see this new product. The state boasts more marijuana arrests than almost any other in the US, and in 2010, those arrests were over half of all drug arrests. That year, the state spent over $250 million on those arrests, according to the ACLU. Only time will tell if the debut location was a smart move.

Do you think that this product will help legitimize cannabis, or will it give conservatives a backdoor to legalization? Share your opinion on social media or in the comments below.

Apr 23, 2016