Is This The Best Way To Escape From A Police Car?

The idea of escaping persecution, of getting out of the trap of the War on Drugs, is a pleasurable idea. This guy is either a mad genius, or just plain mad.

Aug 26, 2016

Just to put it out there before I begin, I don’t advocate violence against police, or by police. Go up against a gun with a gun, with or without a badge, and you may end up dead. That being said, those of us in the cannabis community have seen our share of wrongful or immoral arrests. And the idea of escaping that persecution, of getting out of the trap of the War on Drugs, is a pleasurable idea. Watch this guy do just that.

The situation

This video takes place in a Jonesboro Police department cruiser. Logan Young, the 19-year-old in the back seat, had been picked up at the Mall at Turtle Creek after someone called to report an intoxicated person. Whether he was drunk or high, or just crazy, I don’t know.

Officer Justin Thompson began driving Young back to the station when Young was able to slide one cuff off his wrist. He apparently felt betrayed by the Officer Thompson after admitting something to him.

I trusted you, and you lied to me.

An ominous conversation

Young inches closer to the Officer driving, and begins to rant about betrayal, then has a moment of clarity, where he says:

Maybe I should just shut up.

Officer Thompson replies “Yep.” But then it gets ugly. Fast. Young leans in and says,

You might want to back up. What are you gonna do, if I kill you right now, and hop out of this car…

Officer Thompson, probably used to idle threats, replies lightly,

You can try.

Young smirks knowingly, mocking him,

You think I don’t know how to stop you? Look at this. I broke free.


Young starts using the cuff and then his feet to bang against the protective pane. Officer Thompson calls it in, letting Control know the subject is out of the cuffs. To try to get to the station faster, he flips on his siren and you can hear the cruiser accelerate.

Meanwhile, Young reaches in his pants for a lighter and tries to set the cruiser on fire. At that moment, the squeal of tires pierces the air and the car crashes. Leaning in the perfect position, Young simply flies up and goes right out the back window.

The aftermath

Originally charged with Public Intoxication and Minor in Possession, Young was treated at a hospital and sent to the Detention Center with additional charges of Escape 3rd Degree and Fleeing on Foot.

He ran after the wreck but civilians and authorities followed and he didn’t make it for very long. Meanwhile, the officer also went to another hospital for injuries from the wreck.

When you watch this, you have to wonder, in the back of your mind: Was this guy just crazy, or a crazy genius? Did the plan for the car to wreck, or was he planning to burn his way out? Was the lighter just a ploy to trick the officer into driving recklessly? This is one of those escapes that should be in an action movie.

What do you think? Mad genius or just mad? Share your thoughts on social media or in the comments below.

Aug 26, 2016