The EZ Pipe Is The Perfect Way To Smoke Weed On The Down Low

Searching for a fast and discrete way to smoke? Clean, discrete, and easy slip into a pocket or a purse, the EZ Pipe is the perfect tool.

Feb 27, 2017

Sometimes, you just need something that’s easy to use on the go. Any cannabis consumer who has had to smoke outside knows how irritating it can be to try to light a bowl on a windy day. Fortunately, Kind Pen has just invented the perfect solution. The EZ Pipe is clean, discrete, and easy slip into a pocket or a purse. Here’s why the EZ Pipe is truly one of the most convenient travel pipes around.

The EZ Pipe experience

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The EZ Pipe protects your bowl from the elements, allowing you to smoke your herb from a closed container. This closed container slows down heat loss and prevents a bulk of the smoke from leaking out of your pipe. The pipe conveniently holds both round and the standard oval lighters.

This closed design is made possible by a small hole on the side of the container. Simply slip your lighter into the side slot, light, and inhale. The flame travels through the hole and nicely toasts ground material inside the metal top.

Hot smoke from this pipe travels through a plastic straw, though actual chamber itself is made with stainless steel. The straw plus the swivel top makes this tool almost smokeless, which is a rare trait in a pipe.

However, this is definitely a pipe, not a vaporizer. Once you exhale, those around you will certainly be able to tell exactly what you’ve been smoking.

To load the EZ Pipe, you simply swivel open the top of the steel chamber, pack in some dried herb, and then close it again. For those hoping for something easy to find in a purse, the classic oval Bic fits better in the lighter holder than round one, which might fall out. Using a lighter without a safety will help your thumbs.

The EZ Pipe can hold a substantial amount of bud. However, it’s recommended to not back the bowl too tightly. If so, the herb might need to be broken up with the poker from time to time. However, the EZ Pipe design also conserves your material by preventing excess smoke from escaping.

Why you need an EZ Pipe

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In a way, this EZ contraption is to pipes what carb caps are to oil rigs. The closed container creates more of a furnace effect by trapping heat and precious cannabinoid-filled smoke. The closed top slowing down the speed of the burn, which can be accelerated by open exposure to the oxygen in fresh air.

This pipe would be great for anyone who is looking for something fast and sly, who is not particularly picky about smoking out of a piece that contains plastic. The stainless steel chamber is made with one of two types of metals that are considered safe for smoking materials, the other is titanium.

Cleaning the EZ Pipe is a snap. The steel top is held on with a magnet. Simply pop off the top and use the hidden plastic poker tool to clean out the bowl. When it’s ready for a wash, you can simply soak the piece in warm water with a gentle soap.

Make sure the piece is thoroughly rinsed and dried before you use it again, as with any smoking device.

Where to buy an EZ Pipe

The EZ Pipe is offered by Kind Pen and is available in 11 different colors. The Kind Pen also sells a wide variety of vaporizers and vaporizer tools and accessories.

To purchase an EZ Pipe for $9.99, visit Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Feb 27, 2017