A Touch Of Glass #29: Fantastic Figurines


The difference between a stick figure and the Mona Lisa is all about detail. That is why these smoking glass figurines take the prize.

Christopher Teague
Jul 13, 2016
Fantastic Figurines

The difference between a good piece of heady, artistic glass and a poor one comes down to the detail. Slap a third-grade paint job on a soda can and you can make it look like a turtle. A stick figure can count as a human form if you aren’t too picky. I, however, tend to be picky, and if you are going to shell out your hard earned money on a glass piece to cherish for years to come, you should be, too. So let’s take a look at what you should aspire to get in Touch of Glass: Fantastic Figurines.

Lady of the reeds

touch of glass 29 1 A Touch Of Glass #29: Fantastic Figurines
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This depicts what you might see in a still life painting of the Orient from the 18th and 19th century. Fruit, bamboo, earthenware pottery, and a woman in kimono with sun hat make for a classical pictorial scene.

But what makes this special is it is a fully functional smoking piece. Remove the lady’s hat and the lid off one of the pots, and you have both ends of your pipe. That is amazing glass art, disguised as amazing traditional art!

Wasp woman

touch of glass 29 2 A Touch Of Glass #29: Fantastic Figurines
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Look closely at the fine webbing of the wings, and even closer at the swimming, swirling lines of the suit. The patterning, the ribbons of deep color, little details that don’t have to be there, but make the piece so much more valuable. Topped with a disc mouthpiece for comfort, and this is a bold statement. Powerful, strange, and beautiful.

Disc siren

touch of glass 29 3 A Touch Of Glass #29: Fantastic Figurines
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This masked maiden of mayhem is armed and deadly. Her weapon of choice? Dazzlingly detailed glass discs, a staple workpiece of any great artist. Her porcelain skin contrasts with the dark palette of green, blue, and black. The piece beneath her is a riot of the same color detail as the discs, with a solid thick base.

Mythos incarnate

touch of glass 29 4 A Touch Of Glass #29: Fantastic Figurines
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With spear wielding maidens, a crescent moon and perfectly formed Ibex above, this piece honors a long ago deity, at times known as Ishtar, goddess of fertility, love, war, and sex. The ibex is traditionally associated with the male cultural version of this deity, Attar. Sometimes worshipped as the rain god, he held sway over Venus and gave water to mankind.

The levels of both male and female symbolism in this piece show that not only is this glassblower incredibly skilled, but incredibly well read.

Then there’s this guy

touch of glass 29 5 A Touch Of Glass #29: Fantastic Figurines
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I’m not saying he counts as fine art, but I’m also not saying he doesn’t. Funny, but even more relevant, detailed. Notice his surly five-o’clock shadow characterized face, and a half smoked cigarette. Even his tattoo is in fine shape. This is taking incredible skills, and putting them to sharing a poignant diatribe about being a cannabis lover today.

Not all of us are CEOs. Not all of us have the luck of great jobs that don’t test. Sometimes, you have to take what you can get to get by. It won’t always hold glamour, but you do what it takes to suffer from at least as much enthusiasm as this guy. We have all felt like him from time to time, and when we do, we need to take a break and follow his advice.

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Christopher Teague
Jul 13, 2016