Frisian Duck: You’ve Never Seen A Cannabis Strain Like This Seen Before

*Mind blown* This new strain looks like no cannabis plant you’ve ever seen before. This is perfect for outdoor growers trying to be more discrete.

Apr 16, 2017

This cannabis strain has webbed feet. Frisian Duck is a new cannabis variety bred by Dutch Passion. Demonstrating expert breeding, Dutch Passion has created a strain with a leaf structure unseen before in the cannabis plant. Also called “camouflage weed”, this strain was designed to make the cannabis plant a little more discrete. Here’s the scoop on Frisian Duck, a strain like you’ve never seen before.

Strain details

Frisian Duck Strain 2 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Bred for the outdoors, Frisian Duck is a cross between Dutch Passion’s award-winning Frisian Dew and a strain from a carefully selected gene bank called “DucksFoot”. DucksFoot is an oddity. It produces webbed leaves rather than the traditional seven-pronged fan leaves that have become iconic among cannabis consumers worldwide.

Instead, Ducksfoot leaves are fused together, creating a broad and weird shaped single leaf. In a way, Ducksfoot leaves almost look like a hybrid between a maple leaf and a plum leaf, but longer.  Dutch Passion crossed Frisian Dew with Ducksfoot over many generations, until finally creating the perfect combination.

Frisian Duck has inherited the unique leaf shape of Ducksfoot and the beautiful purple coloration and dense buds of Frisian Dew. Featuring a spicy pine aroma with hints of citrus, Frisian Duck is truly a stand-apart cannabis strain.

Why would people use Frisian Duck?

Frisian Duck Strain 3 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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This strain was designed for urban, outdoor growing. Apart from the flowers and the smell, this plan looks visibly different from all other types of cannabis. In fact, it looks a lot like many wild plants that grow in Norther Europe. Unless you have a well-trained nose, this is a plant that you might pass by without taking a second glance.

Hardy, Frisian Duck can withstand cooler Northern or far southern climates. This strain would be easy to grow in a pot on a patio or mixed with some additional companion plants in a garden.

Thanks to Frisian Dew heritage, this strain is naturally resistant to molds and mildews. Really, Frisian Duck is the perfect strain for growers just about anywhere.

Though this strain is considerably less discrete during the final stages of flowering, this plant is more or less indistinguishable as cannabis during early growth and even into early flowering.

Tall, this plant can grow up to 2.5 meters outdoors, so this plant would be good to keep next to some sunflowers or another tall plant to keep up with the camouflage. In late flowering, some top leaves may take on more classic leaf structure.

The Frisian Duck experience

Frisian Duck Strain 4 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Frisian Duck is a true hybrid. Expressing both indica and sativa characteristics, this strain is known to produce between 11 and 17 percent THC. As an added bonus, Frisian Duck can produce up to 5 percent CBD. Numbers like these make this strain a good choice for medical cannabis patients.

This strain is thought to be helpful with chronic pain management and provides a mellow, happy experience. It tends to provide a slight energetic uplift, but nothing too potent. Instead, this strain is a relaxed and inspires sensations of calm uplift.

Those sensitive to THC may experience a little anxiety with this bud, but overall Frisian Duck is considered well-rounded. A perfect choice for novice and experienced consumers alike.

To learn more about Frisian Duck, check it out on Dutch Passion’s website here.

Apr 16, 2017