Is This The Future Of Cannabis Connoisseurs? Let’s Hope So!

Imagine a world where cannabis was accepted and alcohol was despised!

Feb 17, 2016

These two gentlemen have taken it upon themselves to deliver a satirical video about how ridiculous it would be if marijuana was glamorized and alcohol was shunned, instead of the other way around. Its content, while humorous, is meant to provide a window into how absurd our current logic is regarding legalizing marijuana by paralleling it to alcohol’s current legal status. 

The key to the success of understanding this video is every time they refer to alcohol of any kind, to substitute it with weed or marijuana. As you hear how unreasonable each statement sounds in regards to alcohol given our societal norms, you begin to understand that having the same laws for marijuana as we do for alcohol is not as insane as it sounds to many people (or vice-versa; having alcohol conform to the same constraints we put on marijuana). Check out the video below.

“If someone can’t get through life without getting hammered all the time, you gotta cut the cord”

What prompted this quote was an exchange about one man finding beers in his sons sock drawer and cutting him out of his will as a result. The stereotype here is that many people may cut others out of the wills due to the association with marijuana, but the same is not done for people who have alcohol hidden in their sock drawers.

“Society would collapse”

This is definitely one of the defining statements of the video darkly mirroring our views on what might happen if we legalized Marijuana. The one man makes light of some states trying to pass a bill for medicinal wine, good for stress, or good on the heart. Medicinal wine, of course, seems laughable, except we do use some red wine in moderation for heart health and stress. The other man makes a beautifully crafted double entendre.

“I don’t see how putting poison in your body could be good for anything”

Alcohol technically is poison in our bodies yet we drink it nonetheless setting a double standard for allowing “poison” into our bodies. The video has many well put together analogies between alcohol and marijuana and how we treat them differently even though we shouldn’t. In fact drinking has caused far more problems from abuse, to drunk driving, to alcohol related deaths than marijuana ever has. Yet marijuana continues to be demonized while alcohol enjoys fame like status.

The final aim of the video is to show both that moderate amounts of anything is fine and overdoing anything is no good (basic common sense really, which we sadly lack at the highest levels of government). It also aims to show how we treat alcohol, which while giving many of us endless nights of fun and enjoyment has also been the catalyst for many of our saddest stories, so very differently from marijuana which enjoys its status as not having been linked to any death in its recorded history.

How is it that we have demonized marijuana and given sainthood to alcohol? Wouldn’t that kind of be like praising soldiers for killing people and calling peace-keepers wimps?  Wait, some countries (which shall remain nameless) kinda do that already

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Feb 17, 2016