Do You Know How To Make The Classic Gatorade Bong?

Check out how to craft one of the simplest water pipes from a basic plastic bottle, the classic Gatorade bong.

Jul 23, 2016

Sometimes we all crave that classic lung-punching strength of a bong hit. And when you don’t have any glass to take your hits out of, you’ve got yourself a bit of a problem. That’s where this handy tutorial comes in, the most simple Gatorade bong can be yours with just a plastic bottle and a few other tools. Check out The Homemade Stoner’s video below and enjoy some good old fashioned engineering.

Gatorade bong, simplicity at its finest

Although the smaller Gatorade bottle was used in the video, I would personally recommend the 710mL (24 ounces) size. This will give you room to add some ice to the bong to keep your smoke as chilled as possible. I’d also suggest trying to use a glass bowl so there is no risk of burning plastic gas into your hit.

When crafted and sealed properly, these kinds of bongs can be great for a party or outdoor activity-basically anywhere that you wouldn’t want to bring an expensive glass piece. You’ll be able to throw it around without worry of it breaking and getting glass everywhere.

And once you master the art of making plastic bongs, you can elevate your game by trying it out with bigger soda containers or even attempt a gravity bong.

Would you consider making a Gatorade bong for a party? What are your favorite items to use for a last minute DIY bong? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Jul 23, 2016