How To: Make A Classic Glass Coke Bottle Bong

A glass coke bottle bong is a great way to put that classic Coca-Cola bottle to good use, and an awesome weekend project.

Aug 11, 2016

A glass coke bottle bong is a great way to put that classic Coca-Cola bottle to good use. Although this DIY bong will require some tools, the end result will be a great functional piece that could last a long time. Check out the full video tutorial from Colorsmere’s Channel on YouTube below.

History of the glass coke bottle

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That classic shape and design of the timeless Coca-Cola bottle came from the marketing department way back in 1923. The shape was changed from the 1899 standard bottles with metal stoppers after they sold the rights to that shape for $1.

Unfortunately, the glass bottles weren’t fit for mass distribution and production was cut to make way for the new aluminum cans and polyethylene bottles in 1960 and 1993, respectively. Luckily Coke still produces the glass bottles at a smaller scale, so pick one up for a fun weekend project making a new bong!

Precision is key

When working with glass and diamond drills, a certain extra level of precaution should be taken. The glass from older bottles could be structurally compromised, so make sure to give the glass a couple of knocks to verify its integrity.

The drill bit for cutting glass is very strong, so be careful, and begin with less pressure than you think you’d need. Then you can work your way up to the perfect amount of force to begin cutting the glass. And in terms of the bowl, you can easily go to a dispensary or online head shop and buy a cheap $5 glass or metal bowl.

If you don’t have access to the tools you need to make the classic coke bottle bong, then check out Blazin Bottles and just order one of their awesome hand-made Blazin Coke Bottles.

Have you every tried to make a coke bottle bong, or any other bong, using a diamond bit? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

Aug 11, 2016