Golden Goat: The Upbeat Sativa You’ve Been Waiting For

Need a mood lift stat? Golden Goat is fast-acting, long-lasting, and provides a strong, uplifting high. This is one uplifting flower.

Nov 11, 2016

Certain cannabis strains have really taken off for a reason. In the case of Golden Goat, this spirited sativa-dominant hybrid is just the strain everyone was waiting for. Lemon-fresh and energizing, Golden Goat promotes an upbeat and positive attitude. If you’re in need of a serious mood boost, this strain may be your next go-to daytime bud. 

Strain details

Golden Goat The 1 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?
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Golden Goat is all the rage in Colorado. This zesty flower is a sativa-dominant hybrid that stems from Island Sweet Skunk, and a cross between Romulan and Hawaiian.

Apparently, Golden Goat was created by accident. A male Romulan-Hawaiian plant happened to pollinate some Sweet Island Skunk one fine day in Kansas.

The offspring has taken the cannabis world by storm. Golden Goat is now a common strain on dispensary shelves and has a reputation for high THC production.

On average, this hybrid produces between 18-23% of the psychoactive. The high potency makes Golden Goat best for those with some cannabis experience.

Golden Goat features plenty of orange hairs and slightly Christmas-tree shaped lime green buds. This strain is known to have a powerful odor. As soon as nose hits the jar, a strong sour lemon scent dominates the senses. Once you move beyond the pungency, a slight citrus sweetness can come into play.

The Golden Goat experience

Golden Goat The 2 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?
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Golden Goat is upbeat, smiley, and cheerful. Though this hybrid is easygoing, it provides some quality mental energy and is a great strain for the day. The most noticeable thing about the Golden Goat high is it’s delightful and positive energy.

While cannabis overall is associated with improved mood and giggles, Golden Goat produces an all-around lively experience. Life with Golden Goat just feels down right good. Happy, relaxed, and long-lasting are also accurate descriptions of this bud.

The effects of Golden Goat are focused primarily in the head. With such a high THC content, the effects of this strain can hit like a ton of bricks. Golden provides ample mental stimulation with an ever-so-slight body high that encourages relaxation.

The downside of this strain is that, as an energizing sativa, Golden Goat can be a little jittery. This is especially true in those who are sensitive to strains with high THC or are prone to cannabis paranoia in general. Yet, for the most part, Golden Goat is one uplifting flower.

Why do people use Golden Goat?

Golden Goat The 3 Why Are Cannabis Users Increasingly Being Denied Gun Rights?
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Those in need of a quick mood uplift will appreciate Golden Goat. This strain is fast-acting, meaning that you’ll begin to feel some cerebral effects right away.

It would also be a good choice for someone who struggles with fatigue or just seems to have trouble mustering energy. Those who have the opposite problem, however, may find that this strain amplifies anxiety.

Other potential benefits of Golden Goat include nausea relief and relief from neuropathic pain. THC is a potent painkiller, and there is plenty of it in this spirited sativa. Golden Goat is also a great stress reliever.

Its quick nature can change your headspace very rapidly, providing a new perspective on your present situation or simply helps you to forget about what has been troubling you.

Nov 11, 2016