Grow Hack: Manipulate Your Plants With Day & Night Growroom Temperatures

You don’t have to stick to conventional rules about day and night growroom temperatures. By using this simple hack, you can completely transform your grow operation.

Mar 21, 2016

The potential to manipulate the qualities of your marijuana plant through playing with day and night grow room temperatures is often overlooked by growers. By manipulating, you are able to alter the final outcome of your plant to something that better suits your growing needs.

There are many different environmental factors that can be used to alter the final product in your grow room. Usually, the environment that is being created indoors is trying to replicate well the natural environment of the strains being grown. However, this traditional approach to growing marijuana might be doing a disservice to indoor growers, who could use the full potential of this technique to better manage their grow rooms.

Keeping your plants healthy

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In general, the conditions within which your grow your marijuana are going to vary from strain to strain, so it is important to maintain the environmental conditions first and foremost that will keep your plant healthy. In most cases, so long as the temperature between day and night do not differ more than 20 degrees Fahrenheit, your plant will stay alive and well.

Most indoor grow rooms have at least 5 degree Fahrenheit discrepancy between night and day, with the day time temperatures being higher than high time temperatures. This is quite close to the natural environment in which marijuana would grow in the wild, but there are ways to manipulate this in order to change the qualities of your plant to benefit you.

More compact bushes

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In the 1980s, Michigan State University with some of its researchers discovered that inverting the discrepancy between temperatures between night and day would drastically change the qualities of the marijuana plant. Whereas most operations involve having cooler nights than days, it was found that having cooler days than nights could better conditions for indoor grow rooms.

This process is called negative DIF, whereby it is cooler in the day time than at night time. This changes the expression of certain hormones that are connected with plant growth. Creating a negative DIF environment means stems do not grow as long as usual plants, and the bush is generally contained within a more desired, compact space. The benefits of this are plentiful for indoor growers because they can maintain tidier rooms with less chance of plants crowding one another.

Avoiding the high electricity bill

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Of course, it would cost growers too much to maintain temperatures cooler during the day than at night. But the researchers at Michigan State University also found a solution to this problem. They discovered that the period of time during which the temperature is warmer and encouraging stem growth is in the first two hours of day time. So, lowering the temperature to below your night time one just for the first two hours is enough to discourage stem growth and have a compact, little bush.

For example, if your night time temperature is usually at 75 F, and your day time temperature at 80 F, lower the temperature for the first two hours of lights on to 70 F. You can do this by allowing in cold air from outside (and keeping it well measured with a thermometer), or you can use a good quality air conditioning unit. After those two hours, just return back to your regular temperature schedule!

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Mar 21, 2016