Grow Hacks: How To Super-Power Your Water

When it comes to growing cannabis, anything we can do to get bigger, denser, more potent buds is fair play… including hacking the water supply.

When it comes to growing cannabis, Maxing Out is the name of the game. Anything we can do to get bigger, denser, more potent buds is fair play. The best nutrients, strongest lights, top-of-the-line hydroponics, highest quality seeds, even planting according to the lunar cycle. In the world of maximizing everything, the one standard unit is water. Or is it? Here is how you can super-power your water!

Isn’t water just water?

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In short, no. Ask the people of Flint, Michigan if all water is the same. Ask billion dollar industry companies like Figi, Smart Water, Perrier, Voss, Avian, BLK, Aqua Deco, Veen, Bling H2O, Fillico, or any of dozens of others. All water is not equal. A Hawaiian water, Kona Nigari sells for $402 for a 750ml bottle. One bottle of Acqua di Cristallo Tributo A Modigliani was auctioned off to battle global warming for a whopping $60,000 for a 750ml bottle, featuring art from Modigliani on the 24k gold container!

An interesting note: Black water, or BLK, is dark because it contains traces of fulvic trace minerals. The water is refreshing, but fulvic acid is actually more beneficial to plants than people! Nevertheless, my girlfriend still pays $2 a bottle and raves about it.

When it comes to growing, there are 3 basic levels of water:

  1. Tap, which may contain heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, and bacteria
  2. Rainwater, which can contain pollutants as well, but not chlorine or fluoride
  3. Filtered, Ph adjusted Reverse Osmosis water

So how do I improve my water?

Studies have shown that water is far more significant than previously thought. Not only is it vital for life, and a large percentage of our bodies, but it has memory. Yes, water molecules are shaped according to their environment, and their absorption, electrical affinity, and effect on living creatures is affected by its shape. While filtration removes impurities, it also affects the natural spin and shape of water, and traveling in long straight lines through metal pipes removes the natural vitality of our H2O.

Nature uses large storms, which spin in a vortex to clean the atmosphere. Now several companies have made water ‘transformation’ devices that you can hook up to your tap to give your water the ‘correct’ spin. One, which boasts increased plant growth specifically with cannabis is called Fractal Water. It combines vortex technology with magnetic filtering to soften and align you water for the best possible benefits.

The unit may cost a pretty penny at $750, but once installed, it never needs replacement, and will maximize your water indefinitely, straight out of the tap.

Wow, what else can I do?

Okay, so maybe a state-of-the-art filter is going to have to wait until Christmas. I have a Reverse-Osmosis filter, which helps with my corroded pipe water, but what else can I do? Well, try meditating over your water. That’s right, not only does water have a memory, but it can be imbued with human emotion.

Dr. Masuru Emoto studied water structure during the 1990’s and found that it actually reacts to human intent. Further, he did experiments where phrases, either positive or negative, were placed on containers, and after a period of time, the water was then frozen and placed under the microscope. Water imbued with negative emotions had a loose and deformed structure, while “positively” charged water froze into beautiful crystals. He even expanded experiments to have monks bless polluted river water, and the results were similarly astounding. Water blessed as ‘Holy Water’ also had a beautiful shape.

You can look further on Youtube and see experiments people have performed that prove the theory, growing two identical plants with different intentions imbued into the water, and the plants themselves. The difference is dramatic. Try taping the words “Super potent and tasty” on a plant pot and water it with “Big Bud Love”, you might start off laughing, but come harvest, you might just be smiling.

Have you grown cannabis with vortex-corrected water? Do you have pictures? Share with us on social media  or in the comments section below.