Grower’s Guide: The Ultimate Strain Selections For Great Grow


Here is a handy guide for some strains that have different strengths that you can harness to get the most out of your time.

Christopher Teague
Mar 21, 2016

Growing great marijuana takes attention to the details: Light, Water, Nutrients, ect., but your plant can only achieve the greatest potential of what it starts off as… a seed. The difference between a good grow and a great one starts with having the right strain not only for what you want in its effects, but what your grow setup can handle. Here is a handy guide for some strains that have different strengths that you can harness to get the most out of your time.

Low-odor strains

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Any indoor grower who wants to keep a low profile knows that the smell of weed can be a dead giveaway. Sure we love the rich dankness when we are smoking it, but keeping it at bay while the neighbors are only meters away can be a chore. Expensive ozone-makers and charcoal filters can only do so much when you have to enter and exit the room. Wouldn’t it be easier if there were great buds that were strong in effect but light in odor? There are!

  • Northern Lights – A well known, popular strain, it has very little odor while growing, social buzz, but can put you on the couch! Excellent for indoor grows, with very good yields and short, bushy plants. Great for new growers!
  • Blue Mystic – A fantastic strain with a relatively neutral smell while growing, but a berry aftertaste when smoked.

If you can’t reduce the odor, you can always mask it. Strains have many different smells. Try using one that smells like something else.

  • Papaya – Low in odor except for tropical fruity notes, very relaxing. It stays short and bushy, and is also disease resistant.
  • Grapefruit – A sweet citrusy pink grapefruit odor that can easily be attributed to air fresheners, especially if you buy the matching ones and leave a can in the open. Pleasant and uplifting.
  • Honeysuckle – This strain has a delicately sweet taste and when grown, if you have actual honeysuckles in your yard, the odor is virtually indistinguishable.
  • Other strains to consider: Cinderella 99, Outlaw, Easy Rider, Durban Poison

Hardy strains

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When it comes to beginner grows, or grows in less than ideal conditions, you want a strain that is durable and forgiving. Here are some strains that are easy for beginners, or are disease/mold/pest resistant for growing in adverse environments where most plants would suffer.

  • Swiss Cheese – strong fuel, cheese, skunky smell, with a heady intense buzz, but very resistant to mold
  • Blue Widow – a cross between Blueberry and White Widow, this plant grows very tall, but is highly resistant to mold and cold
  • Frisian Dew – A new Dutch sensation! Dense buds that are mold resistant with a light lilac smell, and high yields
  • White Widow – a great plant for durability, potent highs and above average yields along with disease, mold, and pest resistance. High THC!
  • Critical Jack – good yeilds, super high THC, all around resistance!
  • Blue Cheese – highly resistant to mold, great for growing in humid environments. Very forgiving for new growers.

Strains with White Widow or Cheese lineage tend to be hardy, but there are lots of suprises out there. You can find a strain that is ideally suited to almost any grow climate.

High yields

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Everyone’s biggest question: how much can I expect to get from my plant? With some of these monsters, a good grow tent, and some love, you can be rolling in buds!

  • Kiwi 2 Pounder – This plant grows colas on top of colas! Excellent for training, it can go wide with lots of bud sites and take the abuse of cropping. You can get over a dozen arm length colas from a single plant, with more popcorn buds at the upper nodes.
  • Big Bud – This strain grows tall like a tree, with buds that will break thinner branches witout support, cross of an Afghani and Skunk, it is sweet with mild skunk undertones.
  • The Church – also resistant to mold, it can get up to 900g easy, with high THC and a very social, sativa high

Other high yielding strains include Gorilla Glue, Afghan Gooey, Cali Orange, Sour Diesel, Nevil’s Haze, and THC Bomb.

There are loads of strains out there, and depending on the breeder, lineage, and climate they can perform differently, but half the fun of growing is the journey! May all your plants be huge!

Do you have a favorite strain to grow? What have been your biggest successes? Share your stories with us on social media or in the comments below.

Christopher Teague
Mar 21, 2016