Hash Plant: Your Top-Choice Strain For Making Homemade Hashish

Three words describe Hash Plant: sweet, spicy, and sticky. If you’re interested in high kief-producing strains or pressing your own hash, this strain is for you.

Nov 27, 2016

Are you a kief fan? Interested in making your own hash? As the name might suggest, Hash Plant is an excellent strain for hashish. Dense buds are coated in sticky resin, giving you ample kief in your grinder and finger hash on your trimming gloves. While a great resin producer, this plant provides a moderate and classic indica experience overall.

Strain details

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Hash Plant is a cross between Afghani and Northern Lights, making this one sleepy flower. Afghani is a landrace indica strain from the Kush mountain region. Northern Lights is a nearly pure indica hybrid famous for its mellow vibes and high-quality pain relief.

Those who love sticky buds will love Hash Plant. Aptly named, this strain is known for its high resin production. It isn’t the strongest strain on the market (18% THC on average), but it is an excellent choice for kief lovers and folks looking to make their own hashish.

The strain’s aroma is quite similar to its Kush relatives. Sweet, spicy citrus, and earthy, Hash Plant smells and tastes like, well, sweet hash. The buds from this strain are dense, compact, and feature dusky green and burnt orange coloration.

The Hash Plant experience

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This drowsy bud is 90% indica. That means that you can expect some couch lock and sedation from this plant. Getting things done will not be a top priority.

Rather, you may find yourself tuning in and out in a dreamy haze. Muscles and limbs become more limber, and nothing sounds better than settling back for some good rest and relaxation.

However, Hash Plant is not the strongest strain in the world. Those with some cannabis experience may find that this strain is milder than they expect, producing a fairly typical and not overly remarkable experience.

More than anything, it provides a very solid indica experience that isn’t over the top.

New to moderate consumers may appreciate the gentle sensation of physical calmness this strain provides. Worries and day to day stresses melt away and you’re able to just sit back and enjoy the present moment.

In higher doses, you are more likely to experience the couch-locking effects become more predominant. If you’re hoping for a lighter indica experience, try micro-dosing with this strain.

Why do people use Hash Plant?

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Recreationally, Hash Plant provides a similar amount of relaxation as a hot bath. A bad workday or a frustrating dinner with the in-laws will be the last things on your mind after a few tastes of Hash Plant.

This strain is great for just chillin’ on a slow weekend or winding down for the evening.

Medical cannabis patients often use Hash Plant for moderate ache and pain relief. Muscle tension and general soreness melt away, allowing you to feel more flexible and limber.

Those who struggle with chronic stress also tend to use Hash Plant as a way to let go of pressure and anxiety.

A great nighttime strain, Hash Plant is also popular among insomniacs. The strong indica lineage lulls you into a deep and restful sleep.

Whether you have trouble falling asleep or difficulty staying asleep, an appropriate dose of Hash Plant is an excellent remedy.

Nov 27, 2016