Haze: An Old School Sativa For Adventure Inspiration

Haze is a keystone European strain which has parented many modern day hybrids. Pick up this bud when you’re in the mood for a lifted, cerebral experience.

Nov 24, 2016

Haze is an old school sativa that has been winning over hearts and minds since the hippie era. This European favorite is the proud parent of many popular hybrids on coffee shop and dispensary menus alike. Quick-acting and spirited, Haze provides a strong cerebral high that inspires creativity and transforms mundane afternoons into magnificent adventures.

Strain details

Haze An Old 1 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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Haze hybrids build the backbone of many European sativa hybrids. The original Haze debuted in the Netherlands in the 1960s.

A mix of Colombian, Mexican, Thai, and South Asian landrace strains, Haze has passed its genetics to many successful offspring, including Amnesia Haze and Silver Haze.

Back in the day, Haze was one of the most potent strains available. Now, with modern growing technologies, some Haze buds have tested as high as 27% THC.

In contemporary US dispensaries, the average Haze produces around 20% of the psychoactive.

The diverse tropical lineage of this strain provides an intensely spicy, musky and slightly sweet flavor and aroma. Like many of the near pure sativa strains, Haze can be difficult to grow and has a late flowering time.

Yet, this sativa is still used by breeders today to add a hazy sativa effect to new strains.

The Haze experience

Haze An Old 2 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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This strain gives “flower power” a new meaning. Intensely psychoactive, Haze delivers potent and highly stimulating cerebral effects.

The buds are bundles of energy, sending consumers off into space with its mind-altering powers. Many report that this strain boosts creative thought, helping to connect new and abstract ideas.

While Haze is cerebral and energetic, this strain comes with a bit of euphoric fogginess. True to the name, consumers often feel “hazy”, slightly too cloudy to sustain detailed attention and concentration.

Those hoping for a strain that is great for morning medication or those that want something to improve attention are better off with a sativa like Jack Herer.

Though Haze can seem as buzzy as a shot of espresso, this flower is uplifting and relaxing overall. The larger the dose, the more the cognitive effects will present themselves.

Yet, in low to moderate doses, this strain can be quite mellow and often inspires a much-needed bout of silliness.

Why do people use Haze?

Haze An Old 3 Minnesota Adds PTSD To Medical Cannabis Conditions
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Finding a plain, simple, and true Haze can be difficult these days. This is especially true for anyone outside of Amsterdam. Yet, Haze continues to be a popular strain among breeders. It adds a strong and mentally-engaging sativa high to strain mixes.

Recreationally, Haze is a strain for a night out. The experience is alert and elevated, a great help to anyone who likes to hit the late-night dance floor.

In low to moderate doses, it’s also a nice companion for household chores and simple projects. Though, many find themselves drawn away from their activities and in the middle of a fascinating discussion instead.

Medical consumers often pick up Haze for mental heath conditions and chronic fatigue. A few tastes of Haze provides enough energy to almost replace a morning cup of coffee.

Those bogged down and feeling slow from depression may also appreciate the mental burst this strain provides.

All in all, Haze is a funky and potent European sativa. A long-time favorite, many popular sativas have Haze roots.

When in the need for mental speed, this potent flower will surely deliver. Uplifting, intense, and creative, Haze is a daytime strain that is great for sharing.

Nov 24, 2016