Herb’s Smoke Sessions: Medical Marijuana

In the debut episode of “Smoke Sessions,” Herb’s all-new weekly video series, three women talk about just how medical marijuana is helping them.

Aug 3, 2017
Smoke Sessions

The first episode of Smoke Sessions, Herb’s all-new weekly video series, focuses on one of the most important aspects and discussions on weed: its medical use.

Medical patients smoke weed and talk health care

In this episode, three women take to the Smoke Sessions couch, to talk about mental health, the opioid crisis, healthcare and Big Pharma – and, of course, the use of cannabis as a medicine.

The three guests are all medical cannabis patients, but their ailments are all quite different.

The first of the guests is Rhiannon, who only recently obtained her medical marijuana card to help treat the symptoms of interstitial cystitis (that, to quote Rhiannon, “is like the worst bladder infection you’ve ever had times ten”).

Then there is Andrea, who was prescribed medical cannabis to help with her anxiety and panic attacks, the latter of which was so severe that she could sometimes pass out.

The third guest is Sherry, who uses medical cannabis to not only treat severe fibromyalgia, but also complex post-traumatic stress disorder and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. For Sherry, when she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2009, she was told her life was done and that she’d never work again. But, like so many, she found help in medical cannabis.

Despite just how much cannabis can help, there is still the stigma attached. As Sherry says,

If somebody sees the pills, they’re like, ‘Oh, the doctor is taking care of you.’ But if somebody sees the pot, then you’re a drug addict. Obviously, it’s a lack of information; it’s a lack of education; and a lack of people living with it.

One question that is asked is, what would these three people say to the people who are turning to prescription drugs and not weed? The answer is to do research on it. This video could be the start of that research, too.

Aug 3, 2017