How to cheat on a drug test with synthetic urine

Synthetic urine may just save your job.

Jan 15, 2018
How to cheat a drug test with synthetic urine

The Professor of Pharmaceutical Toxicology and Director of the King’s Drug Control Centre David Cowan observes a urine sample taken from an athlete or sports competitor and which is being tested at the Drug Control Centre at King’s College London. Every British athlete taking part in the Olympics will be drug tested at least once before leaving for Athens. The King’s Drug Control Centre, which is currently the only laboratory in the UK accredited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to analyse urine samples from sports competitors, will be undertaking the testing on behalf of UK Sport in the run up to the 2004 Olympic Games and the Paralympics. (Photo by Johnny Green – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images)

When you’re someone who uses cannabis often, relying on your own urine to pass a drug test is risky. For regular marijuana consumers, it can take 30 days and sometimes even longer to get clean. Even people who smoke weed only once have a waiting period of roughly 5 to 8 days before they can give a THC-free urine sample. Of course, there is a profusion of hacks to passing a piss test when you’re pressed for time. But using methods like pectin and niacin puts you in a touch-and-go situation as these tricks are never guaranteed to work for everyone. Quick Fix Urine Plus, the most effective faux pee in the market, on the other hand, might just save your tail.

Not sure how to cheat a drug test with synthetic urine? Quick Fix Urine Plus is your answer.

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If you’re iffy about how to cheat on a drug test with synthetic urine successfully, it’s understandable. Not all artificial urines are reliable. While particular types of synthetic urine can be detected by a drug test, making them a lost cause, others just don’t work period. That’s why lots of everyday cannabis consumers have sworn off fake urine altogether. Quick Fix Urine Plus, on the other hand, may just encourage marijuana users to think twice before choosing additional drug test cheats.

What exactly puts Quick Fix Urine Plus at center stage in comparison to other artificial pee brands? For starters, Quick Fix Urine Plus comes clean and pre-mixed. The product is also lab-developed for “balanced pH, specific gravity, creatinine, and urea,” all of which together provides a THC-free, non-toxic urine sample. Quick Fix Urine Plus is also unisex.

How to cheat on a drug test with synthetic urine:

Since the Quick Fix Plus formula doesn’t require mixing and includes a free heating pad, that makes it not only convenient but also easy to use. The process is simple. Before the test, open the Quick Fix Urine package and give it a few shakes. Then, take off the cap and place the product in the microwave for ten seconds.

QuickFixUrine Can you eat raw weed?
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After the time is up, you can test the Quick Fix Plus using the attached heating strip. That way, you know for sure if it has reached the appropriate temperature, which is supposed to be anywhere from 94 to 100 degrees.

If the Quick Fix Plus happens to be too hot, just let it sit out for a few. Once it’s where it should be, place the cap back on and give it a couple more generous shakes. Then, open your stick hand warmer, attach it to the bottle, and you’ll be good to go for up to six hours.

Ways to avoid getting caught using synthetic urine:

Now you know how to cheat on a drug test with synthetic urine, but what you also might want to know is how to get the Quick Fix Plus into the sample container without being seen. If you’re trying to pass a drug test at your job, for example, then you’ll have to be a little bit sneakier as a company representative may decide to stand outside of the bathroom stall while everything goes down.

Thankfully, you have the option of purchasing a stash strap for $19.95, which fits perfectly around the leg. Or, there’s also the synthetic urine belt for $29.95, which is also sold separately and offers a discreet and mess-free way of transporting your Quick Fix Plus.

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As for the Quick Fix Plus itself, a 3 oz bottle costs only $39.95. You can also opt for the original 2 oz bottle of Quick Fix Urine for $29.95.

For anyone that’s concerned with either product’s expiration, then you can always use the batch validator to verify that it’s still good to use. If you’re a cannabis enthusiast in a prohibition state, then you may want to bookmark this article, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine might just save you next time you’re in a bind.

Jan 15, 2018