How to get paid to smoke weed all day, everyday

Welcome to your dream job.

Apr 14, 2018
5 ways to get paid to smoke weed

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It’s the dream gig for stoners: A job where you get paid to smoke weed. Of course, there’s understandably stiff competition for what few positions are available. But it’s no longer just a pipe dream to get paid to smoke weed, with the advent of legal cannabis. The catch is, in any realistic scenario, you’re going to need to do just a little more than simply toke out all day long. If you want to get paid to smoke weed, you have to offer some value.

Professional joint roller

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Yes, it’s true. In the age of cannabis legalization, you can become a professional joint roller. Probably the top pro doob twister in the world is Tony Greenhand. Tony’s taken the art of rolling a joint to a whole new level. Greenhand’s joints are literally smokable works of art.

But you don’t have to be able to roll a joint that looks like the Death Star to get paid for it. Simple, practical joints and cones are in high demand in legal pot shops. And many processors and retailers prefer the personal touch of hand-rolled joints over the machine-rolled variety. With ready-rolled joints staking out an important part of pot-shop sales, that means paying gigs are available.

Pot photographer

If you enjoy being around weed and enjoying its beauty and ambiance, pot photographer might be your ideal gig. Most photos these days are done with cameras. But their ability to take photos of stunning quality is reaching new heights.

Plenty of today’s star pot photographers started making a name for themselves by posting bud shots on platforms like Instagram. With more and more media companies covering the weed scene, selling and licensing your photos can turn into a reliable revenue stream.

Weed Writer/ Cannabis Critic

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The content you see on sites like Herb is produced by journalists who specialize in cannabis. If you enjoy working with words, writing about marijuana and the products used to consume it can be a rewarding line of work. Having worked as the second official cannabis reviewer hired by a major newspaper in the U.S., I can tell you it’s an excellent gig.

One good way to break into the cannabis journalism field is to start your own blog. That’s one way to get noticed by people in a position to give you a paying gig. Don’t ever doubt it can happen, because that’s how I ended up being a weed writer, myself. The key is to write as if someone is paying you, even before they actually are. Write for the job you wish you had with enough passion, and you can make it happen. Believe that.

Clinical Trial Subject

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We can’t examine the subject of getting paid to smoke weed without mentioning clinical trials. As a clinical subject, you will get paid to smoke weed in the purest sense. A word of caution, though. There are many, many fake stories circulating on the web about NASA (and other government agencies) who want to pay you to get high. You’ll notice that these fake stories usually sound too good to be true. Don’t be that guy who annoys your friends on social media by sharing fake news about getting paid to smoke weed.

However, there are legitimate clinical cannabis trials looking for test subjects. Many of them require subjects to have specific medical conditions. Others, however, simply need test subjects within a certain age range. While competition can understandably be heavy for these positions, an increasing number of studies means your chances are improved.

Apr 14, 2018