How To Make A Crystal Skull Bong


There’s nothing like making your very own crystal skull bong to get more intimate with your smoking experience.

Mar 18, 2016

There’s nothing like making your very own bong to get more intimate with your smoking experience. And of course, it’s always much more impressive if you have made your own bong. This instructional guide by APickleNamedBob details how to make a crystal skull bong, which basically looks like a crystal skull that you’re going to fill up with smoke. Smoking out of a piece that you made all by yourself is a special experience and one we recommend.

Making this bong will require some treasure hunting for parts, and may require you to go shopping in places you wouldn’t necessarily do so. You’re going to need a glass skull bottle, a test tube that fits snugly in the hole of your bottle, a down stem, bowl and rubber grommet, and some super glue that gets along well with glass.

The easy method for making a bong

Crystal Head Vodka Bong – APickleNamedBob

This bong is easier to make than you might expect because you are not expected to blow glass. If you have experience cutting glass, then this should be a piece of cake. The first thing you have to do is cut the bottom off your test tube so that there is a hole in the bottom. It should fit snugly into the hole at the top of your bottle, and you can secure it with glue. Use a glue that bonds well with glass to ensure that the mouthpiece doesn’t go anywhere, or that the glue doesn’t lose adhesiveness over time.

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The down stem and bowl are going to go on the forehead of your skull, almost right between the eyes. You can also put it where the nose is if you want to be extra creative. Drill a hole in the glass. Always keep the skull full of water while you are drilling, as well as a constant stream of water onto the part you are drilling. This ensures that the glass doesn’t break while you are drilling and washes away any glass dust that gets produced as a result.

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Now all the drilling is done, and you just need to insert your rubber grommet, down stem and bowl. You can get these at your local head shop, and you can be as creative as you like with colors.

Benefits of making your own bong

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Making your own bong is cooler than buying one for a whole bunch of reasons. Having a smoke with someone out of a bong that you made yourself is far more impressive than handing over an industrial looking pipe. You are also able to personalize your bong to make it uniquely you.

It might cost you a little bit more in parts to make this bong than buying an industrial one in stores, but the cost is still below $80. The most expensive part of making your own crystal skull bong is the bottle itself that you use as the main part of the bong. All in all, an interesting project to busy your stoned hands with, and one that will continue giving!

How did you go making your own crystal skull bong? Let us know your thoughts on our social media or in the comments section below.

Mar 18, 2016