How to Make a Green Dragon (and Other Cannabis Cocktails)

Looking for a new way to get high? Here are the basics you’ll need for infusing marijuana with alcohol, including how to make a Green Dragon! Trust us, you will feel like Heisenberg cooking up these cannabis cocktails.

Jun 18, 2015

When it comes to marijuana-infused drinks, people have a lot of questions! Although bhang is a more commonly known cannabis drink, marijuana can be and is often infused with other beverages—especially alcoholic ones! If you’ve tried a drink like this before, it was likely a Green Dragon. Now we’re going to show you how to infuse marijuana so you can make your own.

The best part about green dragon is that you can drink it by itself or you can get fancy and use it as the base of your cocktails. Whether you want to experiment and make your own or follow a recipe, you will feel like Heisenberg cooking up these cannabis cocktails.

Regardless of your taste or mood, there’s a green dragon cocktail for you. Are you looking to celebrate with your friends over a citrusy champagne cocktail? Check out this recipe for a cannabis French 75. If you really want to taste your marijuana, we recommend either this kush infused drink or an infused “Rob Roy”. Finally, if daiquiris are your thing, then we suggest this infused pineapple daiquiri for a taste of tropical paradise.

But before you try anything, you need to know the basics.

How to Make Green Dragon
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What you’ll need:

  • A large (500ml or larger) heat-tolerant whipped cream whipper
  • Two nitrous oxide chargers
  • Alcohol of your choice
  • Cannabis strain of your choice
  • A double boiler (for placing the whipper or contents of the whipper)
  • A strainer with a cheese cloth
  • A measuring glass

Step one

To start the process, pour 750 ml of alcohol and place 1/8th of ground up bud in the whipper. Now these measurements aren’t law — feel free to carefully try different doses and figure out what works for you. According to Vice’s munchies, using a whip cream whipper to pressurize alcohol and cannabis with CO2 helps to flash-infuse the liquor. Using a second charge will make the process even more effective.

Step two

Once you’ve used both charges, let it sit for a couple of minutes then vent the built up gas. It’s important to note that pressurizing the two together just gives the alcohol cannabis taste and color, it does not activate the THC and if you do not follow the next step, your cannabis drink will have zero psychoactive effects.

Disclaimer: do not purposefully and directly inhale the released gas.

Step three

Once you’re ready, it’s time to take your alcohol-cannabis mixture and place it in a double-boiled bath. This process decarboxylates the cannabis allowing the THC to produce full effects. Heat the water in the lower part of the double boiler to around 200 degrees and let it sit for an hour. If you want to test different heats and waits, you can use the chart below to figure out what works best for you.

Step four

Once finished, pour the liquid through the cheese cloth strainer and voila — you have a Green Dragon.

Things to Remember
  • Due to the way we digest alcohol and how it enters our bloodstream, consuming cannabis-infused drinks will affect us sooner than consuming edibles.
  • Do not directly inhale the off-gas from the whipped cream whipper.
  • If the cannabis is not decarboxylated, the cannabis will have no psychoactive effect.


Featured image Soru Epotok

Jun 18, 2015