How To Make Cannabis Topicals

How is the cannabis plant healing the human body? Indeed, in many ways. In this article, we look at how to make cannabis topicals.

Feb 23, 2016

In a less-informed age we knew little to nothing about this wonderful plant and its powerful healing traits. Smoking in creative ways brought about different effects in different people. Little was known about the chemical reactions in the brain and the power of cannabinol in the body.

Fast forward to the age of information and we find ourselves in an ocean of ‘cannabis healing overload’. Fear not, just like pearls are found in the ocean so are gems of wisdom found in contemporary men.

Marijuana: The Healing of The Nations

A topical cream or oil infused with CBD can heal at great lengths. It is no hidden secret that cancer cells stand no chance against the Sweet Sheeba, but what is the best way to extract all of these benefits? A cannabis cream can be used on a sore back or on aching bones. An oil infused with cannabis can be mixed with water and ingested directly or prepared in a cooking recipe.

The possibilities are endless. Much of the benefit from using cannabis in this way comes from the healing power of CBD. CBD will not make you ‘high’ but it will definitely relieve pain and stress. In the following video, we take a look inside the kitchen of Chef Derek Butt as he walks us through a simple DIY recipe on how to make Canna Oil.

How To Make Cannabis Topicals

DIY VS. Dispensary

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DIY recipes are a game of trial and error. Simple calculations and a few tools are needed to make the best creams or oils at home. Yet the most pressing ingredient, is of, course, TIME. Patience is key and a few hours of self-education are required. The task is not impossible but it can also be delegated. If you are lucky enough to live in a state where marijuana is legal and dispensaries abound, you might skip the DIY and purchase a fine product recommended by your local Canna-Technician.

It is safe to say that most reputable dispensaries will carry products that have been manufactured by people who respect the plant and its healing abilities. If you find yourself in less optimistic circumstances but feel that a cannabis topical will aid you in whatever ailment you many be experiencing or as recommended by your doctor, you might want to take the time to make your own infusions.

Without a doubt, the creativity will flow when making ANYTHING with cannabis, it is just a matter of determining what works best for your body. Different times call for different measures. At times through vapour, at times through smoke, at times through edibles, the plant will heal us in many ways.

If you or someone you know has used a cannabis infused topical cream for healing purposes, feel free to share your experience on social media or drop a dab of appreciation on the comments!

Feb 23, 2016