You Need To Learn How To Roll A Twax Ghost Joint

Check out popular YouTuber Master Bong make a joint with only a giant nug and a pen!

Mar 28, 2016


Master Bong and a couple of his friends dedicated this video to showing the world how to create a very simple and effective joint. The best part about this joint is that you can skip the often tedious chore of rolling the herb with papers, in fact, you don’t even need to have a grinder! Check out the video below.


One of the benefits of a joint like this is the ability to start smoking pretty quickly after you acquire a medium to large sized nug. You won’t have to be carrying around rolling papers and a bulky grinder to make an awesome joint like this! All you need is a sharp object that can pierce through a flower with precision. Optional enhancements can include kief, hash, or concentrates for some nice decorations on your ghost joint.

I also suggest a somewhat powerful lighter for a joint like this. The dense flower tip will need a significant amount of heat to ignite, so I’d recommend anything from a bbq lighter to a butane torch. Although your simple Bic lighter could get the job done,  just be prepared to be lighting it for longer than usual.

The negatives

The benefits of a joint like this are simple and obvious, with no rolling papers or a grinder needed, this can be a quick solution for getting stoned on the go. But the drawbacks that are associated with ghost joints can be big reasons for why people would not want to attempt to smoke something of this nature.

  • Very slow burning, especially if you chose a large nug
  • Sharing in a circle can be frustrating as the mouth tip will likely accumulate moisture(saliva)
  • Some would argue it is wasteful, as a lot of the smoke won’t end up being inhaled
  • Holding a bud for long periods of time can literally stain your hands with terpenes, making your hands smell for hours after consumption

Have you ever attempted to make a ghost joint? If not, would you ever consider trying it? Let us know on social media or in the comments below!

Mar 28, 2016