These Illusions Will Blow Your Mind!

A funny and inspiring video of illusions to make your brain hurt a little bit.

Feb 23, 2016

Have you ever been just dreaming for the ice cream truck to come, but you spent all day waiting for the musical sound of the beloved ice cream truck to make its way into your street? Every child has been there at least once. Well, thanks to Zach King, you can vicariously live all of your childhood dreams in just a few minutes.

Zach King takes homemade, low-budget special effects to a whole new level. Through what is assumed to be video editing (unless he really can double his money by holding it up in front of the mirror), he creates all the magic that you were trying to practice when you are a child. This video compiles a whole bunch of magic tricks, and even though they may all be illusions, it doesn’t stop you from living your childhood dreams vicariously through him!

Get rich fast?

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Twice in this video, he turns a single bill into more money. He suggests that his methods of “doubling his money” might be illegal. The American government probably wouldn’t be too happy if he had mastered the art of really doing this. For now, he will probably just keep making videos for those of us that still like to entertain the child inside. So who knew that setting your money on fire and letting it explode like a firecracker would fill your room with Benjamins? Zach King knows how!

Later on in this video, he holds his money up in front of the mirror and suggests that that is a great way to double your money. Hold a $20 bill in front of the mirror, and all of a sudden another $20 bill appears right before your eyes. If only if it were as easy as plucking it straight out of the mirror.

Turning soccer balls into puppies

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Zach King also has a knack of turning inanimate objects into the cutest little animals. Apparently if you kick a soccer ball just right, it turns into a sweet little Dalmation puppy. And if you’re saving up to buy yourself a sweet little pet, be sure to be careful when filling up your piggy bank. If you shake it a little too hard, it might just turn into a sweet little piggy. In which case all of your savings will have disappeared.

Check out the link below to see Zach King’s amazing illusions, that look like pure magic. It’s pure entertainment for a stoned mind, and definitely brings out the child within!

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Feb 23, 2016