Meet These 8 Inspirational Medical Cannabis Successes

We know medical cannabis is powerful. But, just how powerful is it? These 8 stories are so miraculous they’re almost unbelievable.

Jul 16, 2016

There are a few personal stories that have really taken off about medical cannabis. While many people now think that cannabis is beneficial, these 8 people cured their ailments thanks to the herb. That’s right. Now that they’ve incorporated a plant into their lives, they are symptom-free.

1. Rick Simpson

Rick Simpson has not only saved his own life but the lives of countless others. After a skin cancer diagnosis, Simpson decided to do a little experiment.  He had been consuming cannabis for a previous ailment. He had developed a process to extract a highly concentrated cannabis oil from hemp plants.

The end result was Rick Simpson Oil (RSO). When his skin cancer came around, he wondered if the concentrate he made could help if applied topically.

He applied it to cancer lesions on his face, covered them, and waited for a couple of days. The result was miraculous. When the bandage came off, Simpson found nice, pink skin. The cannabis oil had cleared up his skin cancer. He took his story public, and now RSO is available in cannabis shops in several countries.

2. Cheryl Shuman

Cheryl Shuman is classin’ up the medical cannabis world with her amazing story. Another cancer survivor, Shuman cleared up her ovarian cancer within 90 days of trying cannabis oil and juices. Prior to cannabis, she was taking over morphine tablets each day, along with a cocktail of other medications. Shuman is cancer free to this day and has made cannabis activism her life’s work.

3. Charlotte Figi

This little girl has become the face of cannabis for epilepsy. Charlotte has Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that causes hundreds of seizures a month. After trying a wide array of medications, Charlotte’s family took a risk. They found a Colorado grower with a special strain of high-CBD cannabis.

That strain, now called Charlotte’s Web, saved Charlotte’s life. While she still has to take cannabis oil to keep her seizures at bay, they dropped down to just a handful each month after switching to the herb.

4. Kristen Courtney

Kristen Courtney is all about juicing raw cannabis. At 16-years-old, Courtney was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis from Crohn’s Disease. Over time, it escalated to an autoimmune disease that left her bedridden for four years. Finally, she turned to cannabis. Specifically, she began juicing raw cannabis leaves and flower. The result? A complete turnaround in her symptoms. Watch the video! It’s amazing.

5. Peter Germain

Cannabis helped Peter Germain lose 50 pounds. As a type 2 diabetic, Germain struggled to get a handle on his blood sugar. He was taking 8 pills a day, and his doctor told him that there was nothing more he could do. Desperate for an effective treatment, he turned to Rick Simpson Oil. Within 6 short weeks, his blood sugars decreased and he saw a rapid improvement.

6. David Triplett

Following in Rick Simpson’s footsteps, David Triplett was able to cure himself of skin cancer using cannabis oil. He had been prescribed a chemotherapy cream, but he opted for a natural solution. His oil treatment was a major success. Though he had two previous surgeries to remove the lesions, they returned. But, cannabis kept them away without going back under the knife.

Triplett’s drastic improvements are shown in a series of before and after images in a self-made video. Almost unbelievable!

7. Dennis Hill

Dennis Hill is a biochemist, and he cured his own cancer with… you guessed it: Rick Simpson Oil. Seriously, the stuff works miracles. Hill didn’t have skin cancer, though. He was plagued by an internal demon. Prostate cancer. Though Hill could not apply the cream topically directly to the affected region, he used the cannabis oil orally.

Hill’s recovery took 3 months. During that time, he coupled his cannabis treatment with a strict diet and exercise. After that? His tumor disappeared.

8.  Shona Banda

Shona Banda had Crohn’s Disease. Eight years of suffering left her bedridden and walking with a cane. After her doctors told her that she was terminally ill, she decided to take matters into her own hands. Inspired by Rick Simpson’s video, she turned to cannabis oil. Shona’s Chron’s is now completely in remission. She says:

I’m not in my death bed. I’m working for the first time in 4 years, I’ve not been able to work. I’m hiking, I’m swimming, I’m able to play with my kids, I’m able to do things. I’m so busy now it’s not even funny.

Her struggles and miraculous cure inspired her to write the book Live Free Or Die.

If for some reason you’ve been on the fence about medical cannabis, these stories are cold-hard proof that the herb is saving lives. By coming out with his story, Rick Simpson helped those who doctors had left behind. Access to the herb is the only thing that was able to help these 8 people. Who knows how many countless others the herb can help.

Has cannabis helped you with a chronic disease? Share your story with us on social media or in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Jul 16, 2016