This Instagram celebrity makes the world’s most epic gold blunt sculptures

Think: “blunt vader” and a gold shotgun blunt, packed with half a pound of bud.

Dec 2, 2017
Xibit and famous rappers smoke blunts made by an instagram celebrity

Nothing on this planet is made to last forever. Eventually all of our greatest achievements in technology, arts and athleticism will wither in the light of a dying sun, if not sink into the oceans long before. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust. All will go up in smoke.

On Instagram, one creative type—well ahead of the curve of the rest of civilization—is building blunt art sculptures with the pure intention of lighting them on fire. The user, going by the handle “weavers_ ,” has accumulated more than 60,000 followers looking forward to his next golden, smokeable sculpture.

Tempting a kind of Old Testament wrath, sometimes weavers_ rolls blunt art in the shape of golden cows. Sometimes he rolls bees. Sometimes he rolls ducks. Sometimes he rolls tasty, frozen treats. Sometimes he rolls whiskey. Sometimes he rolls nail polish. And at least on one occasion, he’s rolled an enormous “#Blunt Vader,” or pot-filled Darth Vader. 

One of weavers_’s most frequent blunt art subjects lately has been weapons. He’s making giant, weed-filled golden daggers; big shiny smokeable hammers; and swords that only look practical for evil anime characters

There’s been plenty of room for different kinds of firearms too. He’s built a weed bazooka (just not that weed bazooka). He’s even caught the attention of big names like American Rapper The Game who is shown in one post with a custom-ordered gold shotgun blunt, packed with half a pound of what’s sure to be some dank bud. Other celebrities have gotten into the trend too like Xzibit, who weaver_ shows with a custom blunt featuring the rappers’ name in gold, and Machine Gun Kelly with a blunt that’s, as expected, a machine gun

It seems weavers_ is at the forefront of the blunt art phenomenon on Instagram. “I love art!!!” reads the bio on weavers_ page. Much of his joint work seems to resemble elaborate weed piñatas, though what would fall out is much sweeter than candy.  

Dec 2, 2017