Have You Ever Been Inside A Jamaican Weed Garden?

Check out the video and watch this guy give you a quick peak in his fields, where he grows all his food and herbs.

Want to take a look inside the garden of a Jamaican ganja grower? Well, this guy is going to give you a quick peak in his fields, where he grows all his food and herbs. Why are they all together? Because it makes for the perfect garden!

Jamaican organic hacks

How does this grower make his cannabis grow strong and potent without using fertilizers?

Plant it with no fertilizer. Use the food skins, put it in the hole. Make it rotten, and then we seive it out and we use it and plant it, ya know?

Using a hole to help speed up the natural process of breaking down your compost is a great method to keep the temperature constant, and aid the process by allowing the natural microbes in the soil to permeate the entire compost heap at once. Using fruit skins, potato peels, and other organic refuse is ideal for a naturally rich fertilizer with all the nutrients needed to grow stellar herb. Notice how every branch has thick buds on them? That is some good growing.

Companion crops

Another great trick to balance your soil in an outdoor grow: Balanced crops. This grower uses his land for growing cannabis, but he also grows his own corn, beans, and okra. Not only is this an efficient use of land, but certain plants actually work to protect each other as they grow. As an added benefit, they can provide each other with extra nutrients.

Planting corn by your cannabis will not only shield it from prying eyes, it will act as a decoy for many potential pests.

  • Beans will add nitrogen to the soil for you herb.
  • Squash will act like a living mulch, suppressing noxious weeds from growing and stealing valuable nutrients from the soil.
  • Carrots, dill, parsley, and parsnip attract beneficial insects like ladybugs, praying mantises, and spiders which all feed on pests that might try to harm your herb.
  • Bush beans can grow in the shade cast by corn or cannabis, and their roots live in a different level of the soil, so they don’t compete for nutrients.
  • Marigolds repel beetles, nematodes, and even animals who would dine on your weed.
  • Chrysanthemums repel many of the pests that plague cannabis.
  • Okra grows deep roots, which loosens soil for cannabis, and some say that okra enhances the flavors of other plants that it is planted with, especially radishes.

Grow organic in the traditional Jamaican way and add companion plants that will protect and nourish your cannabis!

Jamaican Weed Garden by TheGrowChannel

Do you use companion plants to deter pests, increase nutrients, or hide your herb garden? What is your secret garden combination? Share your success with us on social media or in the comments section below.