Jean Guy: This High-THC Sativa Hybrid Gives Powerful Daytime Pain Relief

Jean Guy is an energetic hybrid that produces a solid cerebral high and euphoric lift.

Mar 3, 2017

Many pain-fighting strains out there fall in the sedative category. Not, Jean Guy. While this is strain is perhaps most popular among those with mental health conditions, Jean Guy is also popular among those with neuropathic pain conditions, such as fibromyalgia. This high-THC sativa is alert and energizing, making it a powerful daytime pain reliever. Here’s all you need to know about Jean Guy.

Strain details

Jean Guy 1 Heres What Happens When You Smoke A Pure Hash Joint
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Jean Guy is a 60/40% sativa-dominant strain thought to be a White Widow phenotype or descendant. White Widow is a hybrid known for creating a powerful, euphoric high with ample body relaxation. More sativa-dominant, Jean Guy provides a fast and high-spirited experience that’s sure to make you smile.

When grown in the right circumstances, Jean Guy has reached up to 25% THC. However, this spunky flower usually tests in the high teens in terms of THC percentage. All in all, this flower is strong and is recommended for experienced consumers. Novice consumers and those sensitive to THC may feel some paranoia, anxiety, or dizziness with this strain.

In terms of aroma, Jean Guy is quite pleasant. This flower has a strong citrus aroma, making it excellent to pair with fish and poultry dishes. Citrus gives way to that signature cannabis earthiness, one that tickles and delights the nose with a gentle musk.

This bud will likely give your taste buds a sour treat, which means that this strain also pairs well with things that are a little sweet.

The Jean Guy experience

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Jean Guy is invigorating and energizing. If you need help waking up, puff on a little of this bud while sipping on your morning cup of coffee. This herb is a great choice for the beginning of the day, and the effects are considered fairly long-lasting. When inhaled, the effects of this strain can be felt in just seconds after the first taste.

Many report that the experience begins with a heady, cerebral experience. However, heavy doses may cause some raciness, which can make it difficult to focus. In moderate doses, however, the thought-stimulating nature of this strain makes for a creative and at times introspective experience.

Happy, uplifted, and euphoric, this strain will leave you soaring high. However, some consumers may find that this strain provides a nice productivity boost. Sitting down for an artistic project, or simply getting through some housework will be a snap after a little of this jovial flower.

 Why do people use Jean Guy?

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Recreationally, Jean Guy is the perfect wake n’ bake strain. Great if you need an energetic pick-me-up after a hangover, the calm energy this strain provides can clear away some mental cobwebs and possibly even help with a headache.

This strain is also a good choice to take along for outdoor sports and activities, such as hiking or camping.

Medical cannabis consumers often love Jean Guy for daytime relief. It’s particularly popular in patients with depression and other mental health conditions, including anxiety and chronic stress.

However, this strain is also thought to provide adequate relief for pain and can certainly do a number on fatigue. Interestingly, fibromyalgia and cancer patients also tend to like this bud.

Mar 3, 2017