Jedi Kush: A Pain-Fighting Indica With Mind-Control Qualities

Jedi Kush is an indica like none other. This strain is sedative without being overly lethargic. A great choice for evening pain and stress management.

May 4, 2017

Jedi Kush may not make you the best saber fighter, but this strain will certainly provide some powerful, meditative wisdom. A super strong indica bud, Jedi Kush is perfect for those seeking some drowsy, blissed out relaxation. Get ready for your mind to explore galaxies beyond and dip into a slow, rolling euphoria.

Strain details

Jedi Kush is the powerful lovechild between Death Star and SFV OG Kush. Both strains are strong indicas in their own right, providing sedative, pain-relieving effects. Jedi Kush has inherited a potent sleepy quality with a lighthearted sense of relaxation and ease.

Recommended for experienced consumers, this strain can feature THC levels up to 25 percent. The CBD in this bud is also considered slightly higher than normal, as Jedi Kush can contain up to 2 percent of the cannabinoid. The result is an extremely psychoactive bud with some amplified pain-relieving effects.

For the most part, this bud smells about as potent as it hits. Pungent and earthy, it’s safe to say that Jedi Kush is pretty dank. Woody undertones add some warmth to the overall flavor, and some experienced noses may detect some hints of nutty chestnut or a slight citrus quality.

The Jedi Kush experience

Jedi Kush Strain 1 10 Things Youll Understand If Youre A 20 Something Weed Smoker
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Jedi Kush is definitely an evening or weekend bud. Sedative and deeply relaxing, a few puffs have a unique way of rinsing off the day. Muscle aches and tension tend to float on by, making this strain a great choice before stretching or activities that require slow, easy movement.

Mentally, it does not tend to be as lethargic or fatiguing as many other indica strains out there. Some experienced consumers may even be able to get by with consuming this strain during the day.

It’s not uncommon for fans to mention that this strain has a bit of a cerebral quality, stimulating thoughts and creativity. However, the sedative effects of this strain might make it difficult to get things done.

Having some snacks at the ready prior to consuming Jedi Kush may be useful. Great before dinner or a lazy Sunday barbecue, this pungent flower is sure to inspire a bad case of the munchies. Just be careful not to smoke too much before your meal, or you may find yourself needing a nap afterward.

Why do people use Jedi Kush?

Jedi Kush Strain 2 10 Things Youll Understand If Youre A 20 Something Weed Smoker
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Recreationally, this strain is a great choice when you need a little self-care. This strain would also make an excellent addition to a movie night or a slow weekend with friends.

It is clear-headed enough to inspire some great conversation. It’s also fairly upbeat and has a reputation for encouraging a giggle fit or two.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick up this strain for chronic body pain and muscle tension. Those with joint pain and back pain tend to appreciate this bud. Jedi Kush is also thought to be beneficial for easing symptoms of inflammation, especially for those with conditions like arthritis.

Many with mental health ailments like post-traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety also tend to love Jedi Kush, especially for managing symptoms of insomnia and difficulty falling asleep. Those with other types of chronic stress often enjoy the comfortable relaxation this strain provides.

May 4, 2017