The trippy, new Super Mario Bros is way better for high gaming

We’re not sure what the designer was thinking, but it’s awesome.

Apr 16, 2018
The Trippy, New Super Mario Bros Is Way Better For High Gaming

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There is an unspoken category of games that feel more accommodating to the high, that perfect blend of stimulating while still compensating. Grand Theft Auto, Mario Kart, and Street Fighter are among the classics that feel pitched to the right frequency after a few bong hits. While it probably wasn’t the intention of the creator, there is a new, free version of the original Super Mario Bros. that is not only a choice game to play high, but even looks like how you feel while playing it.

Until something moves, it all looks like a perfectly normal Mario. Pipes. Blocks. Clouds. Plumber. Goombas. But the moment Mario takes that first step forward, the weird and wobbly world of Jelly Mario reveals itself. Created on the side by game developer Stefan Hedman, Jelly Mario turns the Mushroom Kingdom into a kingdom on mushrooms.

The quintessential running and momentum are gone. You don’t sprint along the ground, your classic movement is replaced by a squirming, gelatinous Mario that’s capable of floating through the air as if it is made of stew. With gravity not being much of an issue, the usual bottomless pits are now toothless. The new danger in this low-g environment is preventing yourself from colliding with baddies like Koopa Troopas and Goombas. It feels like trying to keep a falling kite out of a tree.

It isn’t just everyone’s favorite video game character that’s made of wiggly goo. The floor has the stability of a balloon. Platforms give way to your inertia. When you bonk them, mushrooms power-ups and coins don’t spring out. Instead, the typically static platforms are flung away and out of orbit when hit. Some blocks shatter into particles that linger in the air. The music you know and love speeds up and slows down, warped to the rate of your movement.

It is only an early version of the game, with just the first two levels available. If this kind of sludgy, gelatinous adventure seems up your alley, give The Floor is Jelly a try.

Apr 16, 2018