Joe Rogan Is Exactly Right About Why The DEA Is Wrong


Check out this video as Joe Rogan, a humble comedian-actor-fighter-advocate, explains just how beneficial medical cannabis can be.

May 4, 2017

As you’ll probably know, Joe Rogan is never one to shy away from speaking his mind, which is why he is a national treasure.

Joe Rogan is right, the DEA is wrong

As a comedian, color commentator for the UFC, podcast host and, of course, an actor, Joe Rogan is known for many things. But he also happens to be a well-known advocate for the legalization of cannabis, which is why his views about the DEA’s decision on the rescheduling of marijuana are spot on.

Last year, the DEA refused to reschedule weed from its Schedule I status, with the agency saying,

…a Health and Human Services evaluation showed that marijuana has no currently accepted medical use because the drug’s chemistry is not known and reproducible; there are no adequate safety studies; there are no adequate and well-controlled studies proving efficacy; the drug is not accepted by qualified experts; and the scientific evidence is not widely available.

That, of course, is totally bogus.

But that’s what makes this clip – taken from The Joe Rogan Experience #833 – even better, as Joe has his own ideas as to why the DEA didn’t budge.

What they’re trying to do is, that they’re trying to stop freedom; and one of the reasons why they try to stop freedom is that they benefit from stopping it. They have more agents. If all of a sudden, most drugs are legal, what do all of those thousands of DEA agents gonna do?

They’re protecting their own industry. This is a natural thing that any organism does when threatened.

As he states, there is plenty of evidence as to the medical benefits of cannabis – that much is clear. Even Joe, a humble comedian-actor-fighter-advocate, can explain just how it can be beneficial.

May 4, 2017