Joint Faceoff: RAW vs. Futurola Rolling Papers

In this joint faceoff, Josh gives a great review of RAW vs. Futurola rolling papers as he smokes one of each.

Sep 23, 2015

For all of you who love joints, you probably have your set preference of joint papers. In one of StrainCentral’s newest videos, Josh is back with another great review, as always. If you enjoy his reviews, definitely check out his videos where he reviews drinking your marijuana, and also reviews if holding in hits gets you higher.

Futorola and RAW papers are among some of the most known rolling papers that do the job well. Are they necessarily the greatest? No, not exactly. It’s all about personal preference, but Josh gives a great side-by-side comparison as he smokes one 3/4 joint with each paper and reviews each one in-depth.

This is a great video for those who are joint fanatics, and even those who don’t know much about their papers, but maybe would like to learn and possibly switch it up next time.

Enjoy the RAW vs. Futurola review below!

Sep 23, 2015