Key & Peele – Obama Smoking Weed During College

In yet another hilarious Key & Peele skit, Obama is recorded in 1980 during his college years and smokes a lot of weed.

Sep 7, 2015

We’re still in denial about Key & Peele ending their success together as a dynamic comedy duo. It is why we are still rolling out Key & Peele skits that make us laugh a lot, especially when they have to do with cannabis.

We’ve already brought you their “Let Me Hit That” skit with the bong, the “High On Potenuse” math joke skit, and now we’re bringing you their “Obama – The College Years” skit where he smokes a lot of cannabis and gives some hilariously influential speeches.

Our favorite part is where Obama takes the joint and goes, “Intercepted. Don’t sleep on Barry O, don’t ever sleep on Barry O.” Key & Peele will be missed extensively, so enjoy these skits if you’ve never seen them before!

Sep 7, 2015